I have a 2011 HDX HD player. It’s currently connected to my 252 by a fairly thin, grey (original NAIM) 180 SNAIC. I also have a thicker, black (original NAIM) 180 SNAIC which appears to have no home. Not sure which one the HDX came with (I think it was the grey one). Would the heavier, black SNAIC be a better cable for my HDX that the grey one?

No, the interconnect would be a fairly thin lavender grey. A SNAIC is different and can’t be used here. Seethe FAQ on interconnect and SNAIC ID. Upgrade from the IC would be a Hiline or Super Lumina interconnect.

OK, thanks Richard. So I’m wondering what I have(?) It’s not a 240 5 pin (it’s 2x180). Black, NAIM on the cable, direction tag and a NAIM number on it (not at home right now so can’t tell you what it says).

I think I’ve covered all the possibilities here:

Only one that’s black that gets close is the 5-4 N-Vi lead. Do you have a picture - also showing both pin layouts at each end?

The thicker black cables tend to be SNAICs, not interconnects

OK, I’ll check it out again when I get back home, Tuesday. Maybe its a fake (hey, they fake everything else)!

Well, I feel like such an idiot! The pins are, indeed, 240 (couldn’t really see the difference until I compared it to the grey interconnect), so this is just a regular SNAIC!


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