So excited

Postie is due tomorrow.

oooh go on…

That equals bills, nothing to get excited about! :crazy_face:

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The postie delivered my bowel cancer testing kit today. I’ve got to catch my poo, put a bit on the special stick, bottle it and post it back. Now that’s really something to get excited about.


Wow, I didn’t know you could post poo. I wonder if Hermes do that!

Possibly, but who knows whose poo it would be. The NHS poo testing device uses good old Royal Mail. The delights of being 60…


Its all hermes do.


How many kilograms of stuff will postie deliver?

They’re doing that over here as well. I did it last week and heard back, and I’m clear.
My doctor suggested it in place of a Colonoscopy which is due now. I’ll wait a year or two for that.
Best of luck.

I hope that’s directed to bruss and not HH. :grinning:


One of life’s joys

So exited . . . . from HiFi dreams to posting poo. How I love being British.

Nothing like hi-crapping a thread from the OP.


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As a colitis sufferer I’ve had plenty of sigmoidoscopies and colonoscopies. The key is maximum sedation. So poo samples are nothing. Grab it, poke it, wrap it, send it. I think it’s just wonderful that this service exists. So many people die from bowel cancer and catching it early can make such a difference. Heaven knows what the OP is waiting for though.



I had surgery Feb 15th, went in for quick procedure, nothing major, after my colonoscopy. Came out of the hospital with c-diff, and was out of work for an extra 5 weeks until they solved the issue, had to collect my poo too. I feel for the people out there that suffer from colitis. Take care of yourself !!

It’s moved on a bit since the last time I took the poo sticks challenge

As someone who nearly died of bowel disease , just think of it as a test on the efficiency of a major organ.

But not as glamorous as some.

Tell us the weight, and the pros know what’s in the parcel… Black box, I mean — not HH’s poo… :scream: :scream:

Yep done that one :poop::poop: :mask::grin:

HH, do you prefer the first or second movement generally speaking?
Please shift to Classical thread if appropriate.

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Hi HH,

I bit of a digression, but the service is excellent. My wife’s sample was suspect, she was in a scanned quickly, biopsies taken and processed - all good I am glad to say. Great service by the NHS, even during the pandemic.

Hope all is clear for you.