Software Update 3.8.5 for Uniti Star


A small number of Uniti Star users have reported that their units have exhibited playback issues following the ripping of a CD. Our software team has been working tirelessly on a solution since the issue first arose and has undertaken extensive internal testing along with our beta testers, culminating in the software update we are sharing today.

Note that following the installation of the firmware update 3.8.5, you will notice that the display on your Uniti Star will now turn off whilst a CD is ripping and will stay off for the duration of the data transfer and for a short period following completion of the rip. This is to ensure maximum data integrity resulting in the most accurate rip possible. Whilst the screen is off, transfer progress can be monitored in detail through the Focal & Naim app.

This update now means that for those customers who have been affected by this issue the Uniti Star can again be enjoyed to its full potential, but if you do experience any further issues, please contact