Star update 3.8.5

Updated my Star this morning after receiving notification of this available firmware update 3.8.5 on IOS app on iPad. “Warning - Error Code: 315” appeared on screen during update. Powered off (at plug/wall) and powered back on, update completed showing Current Version now and all working well so far. Haven’t tried to rip a CD yet to see if the dropout faults and issues are fixed, as I rip using DBPoweramp on an iMac which has always worked well, but I’ll give it a go when I get a chance. Look forward to seeing other member reports, as the ripping dropout issues on the Uniti Star have been reported since Jan 2022 if memory serves me…though I tried looking for those previous discussion threads which seem to have been removed…?

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Updated this morning without an issue, went smoothly, but also I don’t use the ripping function so I hope for those that do and have this problem that it’s fixed.

At last!! Updated my Star firmware yesterday and have begun to test. Only a few cd’s ripped but so far so good.


Updated yesterday (Nov 5) and have ripped two CDs today. I’ve not noticed any problem with these rips. While ripping the Star’s display now shows a message to check the app for rip monitoring. Also, I noticed previous tracks that were ripped and always showed an audio drop out on replay, now play ok. This was unexpected. With the fix in place I thought I would have to re-rip the CDs that showed the problem, but that does not appear to be the case, for me anyway. All good so far. The problem seems to be fixed and no regression observed elsewhere.


The update was promised to me by Naim, some months ago, after I sent a query about the dropouts. I primarily bought the Star for this purpose and was disappointed that it seemed to have a major flaw in this regard. True to their promise that a fix was “inevitable” here it is and it does seem to have fixed the dropout issue, at least so far, in regards to the 90 or so CDs I have ripped since I have installed it late last week. I have experienced several failed rips on certain tracks, however, this might have been due to extended ripping sessions and heat build up? After letting the Star cool down and re ripping the same cd no failed tracks were experienced. I am extremely pleased that I purchased this Uniti Star and as an early adopter of Naim products back in 1975 with a NC12 pre amp and NAP250, which are still used to this day, I commend Naim for exceptional after sales service.

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Well, I have ripped a CD in FLAC format to a local USB stick and all went smooth with no dropouts or issues at all in playback. It’s also interesting to hear other members’ experience regarding previous rips which had audio dropouts and glitches, which now playback without issue after this firmware update. Well done Naim for addressing this longstanding issue, it sounds like a lot of effort, work and testing has gone into fixing it.

Experiencing issues with Star using Roon since upgrading. Am I alone?

Symptoms are:

  • No longer appears as Roon end point in Roon app
  • No longer appears of Chromecast endpoint in Roon app
  • Unable to stream using AirPlay from Roon app. Other Naim devices seem unafected unless grouped with upgraded Star in Roon app.

Is the Star not still visible in Roon Audio Settings? After an update you may need to re-enable them there.

It’s a good suggestion, so thank you, but I just checked, and the Star is not shown as either a Roon endpoint or a Chromecast endpoint within Roon audio settings.

It is only available as an AirPlay device, and attempts to stream using AP fail.

Thanks anyway.

I bought my Uniti Star in May 2023 from one of the largest hi-fi specialists in Germany. What made the decision to buy was what was promised
Rip – Function in the Star. After the CDs got stuck in the device that was first delivered and could only be freed with the paper clip trick, I was very quickly delivered a new replacement device. I immediately started archiving my silver discs. The playback was disappointing; constant interruptions made it impossible to enjoy the music. I then contacted my specialist salesperson; he had never heard of such problems. My dropout problem was forwarded to Focal Naim Sales Germany. In June 2023 and not on April 1st, I was recommended to use an SSD or HDD with an external power supply to solve the problem in order to avoid the problem of dropouts. I immediately and excitedly ordered a hard drive with an external power supply. The disappointment was great, the dropouts remained. Now I tried with five different storage formats SSD, HDD, +external power supply, FLAC and WAV formats and manufacturers because I had doubts about my operation and hardware. The dropouts persisted. I had resigned myself to the problem and assumed there were gaps in quality management, but kept the star because of his outstanding musicality.
Couldn’t Focal Naim Service have informed me immediately after I first reported the problem that they were working on fixing it and that a beta version was in the testing phase?
Why is a not fully functional Uniti Star being sold?
I would have been spared hours at the star and hassle with returning the hard drives. In my opinion, fair play and an open word to customers do not seem to be part of the company philosophy.
My request for a goodwill solution because of the loss of joy was not even answered.
By chance I checked today to see if there was a firmware update. An automatic information on the star “there is an update” would have been beneficial!
The installation went without any problems. Then I connected an HDD that was ripped with errors. The dropouts could still be heard. Now I’ve recently ripped a few CDs in WAV format and haven’t noticed any dropouts in playback so far, it sounds really good now. My fellow engineers were able to solve the problem, my thanks go to the technicians in Salisbury.
P.S. Let’s hope that communication problems like this don’t happen again and that someone thanks us as customers for our patience with our “star”. Kind words for the lost joy would also be appropriate.
Thanks Jürgen


Sorry to hear this Jurgen.

I can’t really speak for Naim here, but I do know that Naim support have been telling any customers who have been affected that they have been working on a solution - indeed, they have needed them to give feedback re. the problem and also in obtaining the solution. Quite why this wasn’t relayed on to you through your distributor I just don’t know - a question for Naim or perhaps more for Focal Naim Germany.

Anyway, I’m pleased the update has fixed the issue for you. It was a tough one for the software team to crack, especially as it seemed so specific to certain users. Enjoy!


Good to see the firmware update has lobbed. The playback issue being “specific to certain users” would better translate to “specific to certain batches”. Both my brother and I purchased a Uniti Star each, at different times, but at the same dealer. We both had the same ripping issue of dropped data causing gaps in playback. Our units were replaced but the issues persisted so I think the issue was more widespread than Naim let on.
CD playback was also an issue for both of us. Issues like occasional static between tracks, and during tracks. I couldn’t stand listening to CDs on my NAIM so I purchased a ProJect DS3 to listen to CDs through the coax input.
My brother updated his unit to the new firmware a few weeks ago; so far so good. I updated mine yesterday and the firmware update seems okay for me too.
I agree with others in the forum that Naim’s communication team let it’s customers down badly on this occasion and really should acknowledge their awful customer service, particularly in treating this as a ‘fringe’ issue.

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My Star seems to be bricked after a power cut. The power button light was flashing in 3 flash interval and it was hot to touch. I powered down and restarted but it reverts to the same flashing power button and won’t show in the app any more. I’ll try another power down and cool off and try again. I recently updated the firmware and aren’t sure whether this is a factor. The whole discovery of a new device in the app has changed and seems to require use of the remote and settings button on the display, which I haven’t encountered before.

The Nova and ND555 seem fine after the power cut.

Sorry to hear Mike. It may well be worthwhile asking Naim support here.

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I found some old threads that indicate that the flashing light sequence indicates a hardware issue. Unfortunately the new NZ dealer is still in the process of sorting out a service agent, so it will be a few weeks until I can hopefully get it looked at. My dealer did say that a “hardware issue” is a pretty generic term ranging from a loose ribbon cable, to being fried. It’s a second hand unit, and I guess covered under the house contents insurance. I’ve dropped Naim support an email to for advice.

Might be worth trying a factory reset Mike. You don’t have much to lose and everything to gain. These are the instructions from Naim’s website.

  1. Firstly unplug any connected speakers and the power cable.
  2. Press the Play/ Pause and Input buttons on the front panel while powering up the Uniti Star.
  3. Continue to hold for 5 seconds.
  4. Release the Play/ Pause and Input buttons.
  5. Wait for the Uniti Star to complete the factory reset and go into Stand-by.

I’ve tried a few times now without success. I’ll give it one more go now that I’ve removed the speaker plugs - that released a pop - so something was going on there.

Update: no luck with that either.

I’ve removed some posts here. Please could members stick to the topic at hand - the Star 3.8.5 update. Feel free to start a new topic if you wish to discuss other products here. Thanks.

That’s a little bit severe Richard, in my view….
Since when has a little bit of thread drift been thus culled around the forum…!?
I’m more concerned at the nagging feeling I have re the removal of posts, fairly IMHO, that were criticising the state of affairs re the AU/NZ distribution and service support….
However, I know you are typically always fair handed and will have your reasons and as you say, a new post can always be started……but I must say, find the cull a bit unnecessary re ‘thread drift’ reasons……