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Hope someone can help me. I have a HDX which is at software level 1.6d. It’s having difficulty looking up new CD info (album name, track name etc.). I think I need to update the software to 1.7b (via 1.7a). I’ve tried making a CD update disk from the Naim update webpage but my HDX when ripping that disk says ‘No CD Found’. Does NAIM supply update CD disks that I can get free/buy that will simply rip?


Hi, you need to be on 1.7c but you can’t jump straight there so you will need to do the interim updates too. If you can get hold of Naim support they can usually send you update CDs which makes the process very simple. Otherwise you can download them and burn the discs yourself.

If your dealer knows his stuff he may be able to do it for you.

That will give you 1.7c. Just getting to 1.7b won’t be enough.
The 1.7a and b files can be downloaded from here Updates | Naim Audio
The process is the same regardless of a or b or c.

Thanks ChrisSU, I’ll contact Naim Sppuort

Thanks Robert_h, as I mentioned in my query I tried downloading 1.7a and 1.7b but I couldn’t get my HDX to read them. I’ll try getting the CD’s direct from Naim Support

If you follow the instructions I’ve put for 1.7c, it’s the same for a and b.
The disk needs to contain a folder called “upgrade” with the zip files inside it.

What you are downloading from the Naim website isn’t the update files, it’s the CD image that contains the files, so you have to burn a CD using that image and that CD will have the files to upgrade the HDX.

But you definitely need 1.7c too and the easiest way is to get all the CDs from Naim.

They just burn them to a CD-R from the files in Dropbox, which you can do yourself — assuming you have a burner.

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