UnitiServe software update question

You need to make a cd with the upgrade folder in it.
Like this: (ignore this is 1.7a it’s the same)
Don’t unzip anything, the unit will find its own zip file.

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That’s good to know as I unzipped the files to a CD and nothing happen.
last week end Ithrough out a stack of burnable CDs having not used them in 15 years only to need a couple a week later :confounded:

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So I burned a disk following the above directions and nothing happened . The CD just spun around inside the Unitiserve for 30 minutes until I decided to remove it .
the Good new is that I filed a new ticket with Focal Naim and received an immediate response followed by another email asking for email and address info . basically starting the process over again but what have I got to lose.

Sorry to hear about your lack of success so far. Please report back as I am currently exactly where you are and looking to follow your route to updating the software.

It’s many years since I did this, but I seem to remember that it wasn’t so easy to get the update onto disk. I seem to remember it required you to burn a “disk image”, or something like that. This took a few attempts, and have burnt the right thing onto disk, the update in the Unitiserve was seamless.

Good luck, Paul

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I’ve made an iso image for whoever needs it.
Try isoburn.org for windows software to burn the iso to physical disc.
Dropbox - Legacy-17c.iso - Simplify your life
Click on the dropbox link, there should be an option marked “download”, this will save a file called “legacy 1.7c.iso” to your pc. Approx 75mb.


Will Do.

thanks for sharing. I’m already 1.7c but keeping the file is always handy.

Thanks Robert!
I’ve just burned the cd with you legacy.iso image.
Just to doublecheck, is it fine for a unitiserve? Thanks a lot!

My US from the 1.7a to the 1.7b went on “flashing mode” all night long and I felt terrible… until the morning after

I burned a copy of the ISO and placed it gently into the UnitiServe . it spun for about 20 second and then spit the disk out .I waited several hours and checked back with no update . I have confirmation that I will be receiving a official copy of the upgrade from the Focal/Naim website but at this point I wondering whether it will work or not but we will see.

You did burn the iso as a disk image, and did not burn the iso file as such onto the disk? (If you put the disk into a computer drive, what do you see? If it’s the iso file itself, then it’s wrong)

Hi, it works for these units:
HDX, UnitiServe, NS01, 02, 03

And to reiterate what’s mentioned above, an iso file is a disk image file. When using appropriate software eg isoburn it will create a disk from that image. When done, the disk will contain 3 folders, one of them called “upgrade” and inside that will be the 5 zip files for the 5 unit types.

I burned the upgrade folder which includes the NSSRV upgrade v1.7c zip
to a CD as an ISO image

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I should also mention that I am using my Windows 10 desktop to monitor the update . Should I instead have a keyboard , mouse and monitor connected directly to the Unitiserve?

You don’t need anything to monitor the update. Your Unitiserve should be powered on and connected to your network as usual (although I don’t think it uses the network connection during the upgrade process.

You put the CD into the Unitiserve which will eject it 30 secs or so later and then you leave it alone while the upgrade happens. The Unitiserve will have a flashing light for quite a while and once it’s all on steady again, you shut it down properly and then turn it on again. It should now be on the new firmware. You check by looking in n-serve or the Windows DTC.

You don’t need that for the update, just stick the disc in and let it get on with it. If anything I suspect that viewing the US on a computer might make the process stall.

I’ve succesfully updated to the 1.7c thanks to the informations provided in this topic.
Thank you all very much!
I’ve burned the iso image with isoburn; everything was very easy.
As CD-Rs are not much used nowadays, and you could find yourselves in the same situation as mine:
I had no CDRs at home and so I burned a DVD-R, instead. The Unitiserve read it correctly and after at about 30 minutes was with 1.7c firmware

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That’s good to know, thanks for the update.

Congratulations !

OK , I received a Update CD from Focal/Naim this evening . I put the cd in the Unitiserve and nothing happened .no blinking Naim light and the UnitiServe didn’t eject the Cd at all . I think I have reached the end of the trail . It still plays the music that was in it when I received it .just nothing further .
any last suggestions ?
A couple of quick thoughts : I downloaded the app for my iPhone . It recognizes the Unitiserve by its NSSRVxxxx however no additional options exist.
someone mentioned that you could drag and drop music files burned from another hard drive . if this possible are there instructions .