Solar / Battery Storage considerations

I load shift with batteries at 16p per kWh vs 40p kWh so it does seem to make a lot of sense. £3 a day, roughly.

No smart meter though. Despite my provider constantly emailing me to have one, the small print says they don’t have a 3-phase one, so not much I can do.

How are you doing with the second ASHP? Must be much better than the storage heaters.

Very impressed with your lounge and wood burner. Lovely period home.


The second ASHP is great, thank you. We’re using it for DHW as well as a number of new radiators. We now only have two storage heaters left and the pipe work has been put in to replace them with wet radiators as and when we decorate those areas. Getting there! At the same time as the second ASHP, we also installed 2 large cold water storage tanks and some hefty pumps so that our showers are now excellent (we were on unvented mains pressure DHW, which is fine, unless you live on a hill with intermittent cold water pressure issues!).

Our batteries, well, specifically the inverter, has been a bit of a problem, lots of engineers scratching their heads and replacing parts. a representative for the manufacturer was here all day today and replaced a load of stuff, so all now back online. Fingers crossed it’s sorted now!

Thank you for the comments about the house. We’ve been here 6 years and I think we’re probably about 80% through the process of dragging it into the 21st century! These things always take a lot longer and cost a lot more than planned.


November figures

Used 800 kWh
Export 119kWh
Panels 251 kWhp
ASHP 440 kWh
EV 90 kWh

Bill £125 net (imp - exp) inc standing charge.