Solar / Battery Storage considerations

I can lose up to 10degrees in my water tank overnight. It’s a 30 year old copper tank with the standard foam around it, then on top of that I’ve added

  • two packs of the red cylinder jackets
  • extra insulation in the loft above the cupboard
  • Extra insulation stuffed behind the cylinder
  • Top and some of the sides of the cupboard lined in aluminium bubble wrap stuff

Would very much welcome any additional suggestions here?

Found this, so yes

Legionella bacteria is commonly found in water . The bacteria multiply where temperatures are between 20-45°C and nutrients are available. The bacteria are dormant below 20°C and do not survive above 60°C

October was good for Solar with 444kWhp generated. We exported 318kWh mostly at peak rate and imported 550kWh mostly at off peak rate (529). We used 525kWh including 156kWh for the ASHP and 81 for the EV.

So the net cost was £25 for 525kWh of electric, a saving of £116 compared with buying at 26.85p/kWh. The winter will see the usage double at least because of heating. I have built up credit from exports over the summer so I don’t envisage increasing the direct debit.

Octoplus is now available but can’t imagine any free sessions over the winter.


In the interests of balance, I thought I should report today’s combined wind and solar generation (which I think is only solar). Tarantara! 3.0kWh :joy:

Comically bad as there hasn’t been a breath of wind all day and it’s been quite cloudy all day

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Out if interest Tim, do you know what your new HiFi setup uses in watts when idle?

Trying not to think about it :grimacing:. I think the Statement power amps are something like 700w in standby. They are really quite warm

Try not to overthink……its just heating this time of the year.
Should be 0.3 W in standby.

Well, as you are a big generator, then that will hopefully soften the blow

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Thinking about it 700w seems far too high as that’s about the average for our everhot range oven (around 14kWh a day, which I therefore call the world’s most expensive radiator). I need to check my source again!

Ah, and I don’t put into standby as I think it takes too long to come back on song afterwards

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0.3w seems extremely low…

Does to me……but on their website.

That’s standby consumption though. I think Tim is talking about the amps powered but idling, so consumption for an S1 and two P1 amps is around ~250W


if you go back 20 years, then we would think nothing of leaving 4x60W bulbs lit in a house. Or even a kitchen with 10x50W flush downlighters.

Thank you, James, yes

Because I now know what the house (and car charging) is using every day I am a bit over obsessed with it. We aren’t really using any more now than a year ago (imports are lower with the solar) but I can see it every day, whereas before I saw it once every three months

I am guesstimating a bit but the house consumption is more or less covered by generation with the cars being the vast majority of imports

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I suspect most on here are with you on that. Since retiring, I’m probably more obsessed as I can make more use of what I generate

I get the feeling our generation doesn’t quite touch the sides

I am prob more obsessed at the moment as it’s first winter with solar and battery

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Absolutely. If nothing else getting solar installed has made me much more aware of the power use in my house and what contributes to it.

My partner absolutely hates it.

I load the battery with 15kWh and run the heating and hot water in my 3hr of cheaper electric. Just got through with 2kWh of Solar.

We are used to cooler home at night and during the day.


We don’t have a cheap overnight rate. Need to get the farmhouse onto a smart meter (need to book that now) and then see what business deals (farmhouse) there are available. Filling the battery overnight with cheap leccy would help a fair bit

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