Solar flare show us your pics

I’m unplugging my kit,




Slight chance of power cut,

May get rain.

That be nice, better than this heat

They have been coming in strong for a few months now.
If you can orientate the hifi speakers to fire towards the hot seat aligning with the magnetic flow you should experience a better soundstage and more contrast between resolution and inky blackness.


Ha! Good one

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5 pm in which time zone?

It doesn’t really matter, as it was yesterday.

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I am going all the way. I’m building a pyre from all my kit in the garden. When the flares come I shall ignite it and let all my kit burn asunder. In this way it shall be reborn the following day as a much improved system with astounding clarity, immediacy and presence. Let the ceremony commence!

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Dammit. I missed the end of the world. :rage:

How did we make it through the night?

According to Wikipedia, the frequency of solar flares varies from several per day to less than one a week, depending on the solar cycle, so they are hardly rare.

Directly above my house in SE London last night - we never normally get to see anything interesting in the night sky!


Yikes. I hope you turned your Nova off.

What time was that, @crispyduck ?

If interested in the aurora angle there’s another thread started yesterday:

No but seems ok this morning!

About 0100

far too late for my (Forest Hill) daughter, then. :laughing:

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