Northern lights / Aurora borealis

Tonight is supposed to be an excellent opportunity to see thd Northern Lights, possibly throughout the UK, maybe even northern France. Just need to find a dark sky site with as open a northwards view as possible, of course after dark.

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It is a corker of a solar storm this evening into this weekend - G5 according to the Met Office this evening in the UK. We can expect some infrastructure failures like motorway signalling, railway signalling, internet outages and power outages although not likely - quite possible, even our hifi might be sounding subtly different. Probably not a good night to be in a high altitude aircraft.
Me and Mrs SinS were looking out northwards in the garden to the northern lights that were glowing green in Suffolk a few minutes ago.
The Sun is starting to get more active again in its solar cycle, its been relatively docile for the last thirty years or so


Not the best pictures but there it is, up North.


Just gone out again, wow, seen northern lights at home but not like this, from our back garden, East Suffolk, looking north east - but it is all around now including south in bands.


Thanks for the tip-off @Innocent_Bystander!

A few pics from my garden, just handheld iPhone to hand.

From North Buckinghamshire.


Nice pics! Supposed to be good here in Canada tonight as well. Getting my camera set up shortly and looking to head out of the city to some dark skies later.

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From Northern Ireland looking south east.



View from Aylesbury


North London. Never expected to see this.


Impressive. I hope it’s clear tonight in North America

Went to a dark(ish) sky location

Pic 2 was south west, showing how far it extends.
To naked eye above all about half as bright as the pics.
Then son at home sent us these from our own garden:

That facing SW. Next was facing opposite way:


Daughter shot this on West Sands St Andrews at 02:00am.



Will we get another show tonight? Raging I missed it last night

Well, I never expected to see that in Northland, New Zealand - Aurora Australis, looking south from our front deck.



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I was stood in the garden hoping and waiting, seeing nothing, whilst on the phone to someone just five miles away who was raving about the shimmering changing colours.
I wasn’t expecting much, living on a large estate permanent light pollution. They are on the edge of a city.

I wasn’t aware either.
From bbc news “ Aurora activity is expected again on Saturday and while the geomagnetic storm is still expected to be in the “strong” category, early indications are that it may not reach the extreme of Friday.
Weather conditions are again expected to be ideal but it needs to be dark so you will need to wait until at least 22:30 BST.”

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First sighting of Aurora, the last remnants of the sunset were still visible on the horizon.


The best source for the UK solar weather is the Met Office I feel. The storms are continuing now of course, although we can’t see in daylight. Last night it was the highest G5, it dropped to G3 earlier today but I see the latest reading has risen to G4.
There are multiple CMEs erupting towards Earth seemingly so is somewhat unpredictable - tonight could again be spectacularly visible across the British Isles if it reaches back up to G5 or remains at G4.
It appears to be fast evolving. I suspect it might be more entertaining than the Eurovision?


A friend in Yorkshire sent these this morning from last night up there