Solstice vs Sondek

Come on then, one of you Sondek owners will sooner or later be buying a Solstice and running a comparison.

With pictures.

Who’s it going to be?

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And we will have a Rega P10 / Aphelion 2 battle with the Solstice too.
@Bart will be certainly pleased to comment when delivered.

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If timing works out I should be able to do a P10 / Solstice comparison relatively “back to back”

P10/Aphelion2/SuperLine/SuperCapDR vs. Solstice

If I can I’ll run the Solstice TT to the SuperLine/SCDR pair just for fun.


Don’t know if I’m looking forward to this or not :laughing: The only good thing is that by the time the reports start coming in they’ll all be sold out so it’ll be a moot point!


I’m looking forward to living vicariously through you and @ChrisBell

Indeed; this HAD to be a “sight unseen / hearing unheard” commitment.

I didn’t see and haven’t asked if @chrisbell is in the queue for one. I assume he is from this post!

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I thought I read that he was interested in the other thread, I may be wrong however.

If the platter was smaller I might have got away with it!

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Yes, I read that he asked if he could use his Din cable with the solstice.
Maybe @ChrisBell will tell us.

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Until a (very sensible) decision is taken in Naim HQ to release to market some of the components, particularly the new Aro… :nerd_face:


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I am sure @Cymbiosis will be the first to get in there for a comparison :blush:


Ey oop, Nigel, haven’t seen you on here for a while, I trust you are now largely over your recent travails, and feeling much better.


I purchased all 500 units. Wanted to make sure I had an ample supply of spare parts.


498 of them 2 are sold already


Thing is, in practical terms, is the Solstice is really being marketed against the Sondek/P10 and many others when it comes to Naim devotees (sheep…baa!), who already have a good TT set-up?

As a package the Solstice may be a better combo but obvious questions arise:

1- is a Superline (which many will already have) better than the phono-amp provided, especially as the latter has a shared PS.
2- If so, can the phono-amp be used in an alternative set-up - to be honest, it looks not to be the case.
3- are Naim committing to support Solstice components 10/15Y’s out? Unclear to me.
4- for many (like me) who have a wall-shelf, the weight of the Solstice (25kg?) and the fact it has a protruding burndy, looks a severe problem re siting (PS included?).

  • and while it may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, selling a heavily specc’ed TT of whatever kind (and perhaps Superline alongside?), means the net trade-up cost, would still be significant.

…plus mixing green and white lights isn’t a great look.

The need for MOQ’s/product packaging et al is recognised in getting this to market - it’ll be interesting to learn what people think when it comes to assessing the full implications of a purchasing decision.


No doubt there is a risk in selling off a full-flight LP12/Aro/Superline/Supercap DR. I’ve been ready to try something different for a few years now. I heard the Technics SL-1000 and was blow away by the pitch accuracy of that deck… it sounded like 1/4" tape! I want to play 45’s without the fiddly adapter and I like idea maintenance free ownership. Naim understands Solstice must perform at a highest level… I have faith it will live up to the hype.


It’s interesting indeed. That price point is starting to get into the la la land of TT. While you could spend more (a lot more ) I’d say people ( the life’s luckys) will be lining up to buy one.
me I’m just starting my TT period of audiophile life with the lp12. I have the Naim of old add on’s and it’s jaw droopingly about the music not the hifi.
Nice little move on Naim’s part and about time. Would imagine placing it on top of some nicely put together Mana will hopefully help some of that DR out🤗

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This is EXACTLY where I am, and why I’ve ordered a Solstice :+1:t2:

My Klimax LP12 has already gone… Just couldn’t get on with it, fiddly, unreliable, actually looking it’s age….all demotivated me to play records.