Sonos can no longer access my Music Library on my Naim Uniti Star (USB drive)

Hi Folks

I posted this on the Sonos forum.

I have a number of Sonos products.

I also have a Naim UnitiStar which has a locally connected USB drive containing my music library. The Unitistar has a built in UpNp server.

My Sonos system has accessed this music library without any issues for a long time (years). However, this evening, it cannot access the library ‘unable to connect’ messages.

I’ve tried the basic stuff to try and fix this - but no joy. My Mac and My Smart TV’s can all connect to the Music Library on the UnitiStar without a problem.

but I wanted to post here also in case anyone had any suggestions.

One comment I have had back so far is ‘did Naim remove SMB v1 support with a recent firmware update’ - Sonos still needs it. (I very recently upgraded to 3.5.1 and I can’t remember if the problem specifically started since then.

Any help appreciated!



Just to add to this, I just discovered that If I use Roon (linked to the same library’s on the Naim Uniti Star USB drive) and choose one of the Sonos players as the Zone - I can then play music from the library. I still cannot do it directly from the Sonos app, however.

According to @Stevesky the Star supports SMB1 unless anything has changed since this…

Download folder problem

Thanks Chris - well hopefully that’s still the case.

Re: download folder problem - I access both the download and the music folders this way and it’s been fine since the day it was set-up. Any idea what kind of problem this might be?

If you’re referring to the problems the OP mentions on the other thread, that was using a Unitiserve, which is quite different to the Star as it runs a version of Windows XP, so hopefully not an issue that would apply to you.

Right, I don’t think it does.

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