Sonus Faber Olympica Nova 3

Hi all. Just wondered if there is anyone out there to give an opinion on these speakers. I’ve just collected by XPSDR following a repair, and without forward planning asked for a quick listen as it was very quiet. I didnt have a lot of time but managed to play 3 favourites Dire straits Private Investigations, Peter Gabriel Mercy Street and Stevie Ray Vaughan Riviera Paradise. I knew it might be dangerous! I was very impressed all round with looks, build quality and sound. The sound stage is very wide and deep, detail impressive, bass deep, great midrange and great treble. On the strength of 20 minutes I’ve booked a home demo. As we all know when something sounds great in the shop it doesnt necessarily do so at home as there are so many variables. There is a better than even chance though that they may end up being my end game speakers!

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Lovely looking speakers, let us know how it goes. The sort of speaker I can admire but not afford…

Thanks, they are drop dead gorgeous. I’m very fortunate to be able consider them. Should have them delivered next Wednesday. They are very heavy and its a 2 man job to set them up! Saves me doing my back in :grin:

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The reviews seem to consider them somewhat down the Sonus Faber product range…

About midrange appparently, but then their top of the range speakers can only be afforded by the very wealthy!

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I think @IvdZ has a pair of these speakers.

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Very nice indeed - beautiful speakers. Hope your demo goes well.

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Cheers James, the brief demo was with a Linn streamer (Bare NDX2 equivalent so I was told) and a Linn integrated amp, so all things being equal they should sound even better on my system - provided they suit the room of course!

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Indeed. I see a ND555 in your future plans if the speakers are to your liking :wink:

Right! Poor guy lol, he’s definitely caught upgrade bug.

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Thanks for reminder James! Will have to do that in stages, a 555PSU first :crazy_face:

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Yup! Did the 552 and 300 last year - but on the other hand you can’t take it with you!

Hi @Inmynaim ,

I run Nova 3 on a ND555/552Dr/300Dr system (all details in my profile). Very, very pleased with them. The “match” with Naim just works. Apart from you observations, I’d add the silky high frequencies that are very easy on the ear.

Furthermore I like the Nova’s since they are less apparent (hope it’s good English) then other speakers. They seem to disappear. And with the jazz music I like to listen to, that is an attractive characteristic. This is very different from my previous Focal Kanta 2 which were so “in the face” that it became fatiguing to my ears.

I thoroughly compared to other brands (Vivid, Kef, PMC, Kudos, Focal Sopra etc) but the Nova’s matched my preference the most ……. though …… though …. Still doubt if I shouldn’t have saved a little extra for the Serafino :slight_smile: …….

Are the Nova’s therefor my end game? They are definitely gonna stay a while. For the future I might look to the Serafino or go really a step up which for me means Wilson Audio Sabrina X.

Anyway, wish you all the best with choosing since it is not easy.



Thanks Iver, I’m looking forward to putting them through their paces. At least no worries about looks or build quality. I am very encouraged by the brief demo earlier but need to sit down and do this properly. An excuse for a serious music session!


You’re gonna love them !!! Add some IsoAcoustics Gaia to them. Light toe in when placing. The superlumina loudspeaker does a lot as well. ……. Oh, and buy a large sd card for your camera; they are a delight to make pictures of :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thats a good point about Gaias, the thought had already crossed my mind. Might ask the dealer to bring some as part of the demo. I will adjust toe in acordingly as I have with my 805D3s. Superlumina worth a demo later on too.

I have a pair of the Sonus faber Olympica Nove 2 - The 3’s were too large for my space & domestic harmony.
Had them almost 1 year andI love them, they look great and sound terrific. I doubt you’ll be sending them back :joy:
(And I had to wait 3 months after ordering)

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Hi Nigel, thanks for your input. I was initially a bit concerned they would be too much for my room but after chatting things through with the dealer I am more comfortable, bearing in mind they sound best away from the wall and my current speakers aleady are. I don’t have to wait fortunately but understandably I am keeping the location under wraps in case anyone nips in ahead of me. I don’t think the dealer would do that though as I have a home demo booked. I agree quite likely they won’t be going back :grin:

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The big beasts have arrived this morning for a home demo, big beautiful beasts I should say. They sound as good as they look. I was impressed following a short demo in the dealers on the end of a Lin integrated amp, but much more so now. The bass is deep and powerful, depth of soundstage is amazing, the sound rich and clear. It is clear now that the 805D3s were not quite bringing out the quality of my 552/300. Only been listening for about an hour and I’m pretty sure already they aren’t going back. The track which has made my jaw drop was Hotel California from Hell Freezes Over. Yes they are expensive even though they are ex demo, but they are bloody good. Time to rediscover my music collection!


Was drooling over some Nova 2s in a dealers showroom last week. The finish on them is truly exquisite. Not had a listen yet…probably best not to!