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Morning all
Has anyone tried converting their vinyl to wav files using the Sony PS HX500?

I was contemplating putting a toe into the turntable arena again after some 25 years. My last TT was a Roxsan Xerxes, which replaced my LP12. I moved away from the LP12 because I felt that it did not handle contemporary music very well, although I enjoyed listen to classical music on it. I can’t recall the tone arm or cartridges I used,except I think they were SME and moving magnet.

The rest of my active system is NAT01, NDS, 52 and Snaxo with 135s into Ovator 600’s. I don’t want to go to the expense of a comparable turntable front end (I compared VPI and LP12 a couple of years ago).

Any thoughts please?

I don’t know it at all, but as the whole point of vinyl is to stay analogue it seems a bit counterintuitive to convert it to digital before it goes into the Naim kit and gets converted back to analogue…


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Yes it does seem a bit odd. Assuming you don’t have a TT & vinyl records; buying new records (not exactly cheap these days) & £250 for this Sony device to convert vinyl to digital. Why not just buy downloads or CD’s to rip.
If you do have a record collection & quality TT & want to copy the records to preserve them & enable another & more convenient way to play them, then I can understand that.

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Apologies @Mike-B and @davidhendon back in the day I had a couple hundred albums, of which maybe 50% are now on cd and have been ripped to my NAS. So I tend to Mike-B’s final sentiment.

Agree with the counterintuitive bit … but then I made the change to digital despite having analogue ears …

Do you still have the Roksan Xerxes? If so then using your normal phono amp and one of the external USB 24bit AD/DA converters may be a better bet.

I had thought of that but my brother has it and the plinth is warped. But worth checking out

@Mike-B I did a rough calculation last night, assuming I have a couple of hundred vinyl recordings that I have not duplicated then it would be cheaper to buy the Sony. Of course I would need to be time rich to transfer them to wav, but at least i would be rediscovering them.

I’m not convinced, yes it will be rediscovering the record, the music in the record, but is it rediscovering the vinyl & all that goes with it? Is this just hankering after bye-gone days, if so why not just buy a new budget or 2nd hand TT & phono stage.
I also question the abilities of the Sony & it’s cart, for 250 it ain’t no LP12, so what kind of repro will you get, does it reproduce the “feel & sound” of vinyl or does it sanitise it to give as clean a digital recording as possible.
Not arguing against you, just my thoughts.

@Mike-B - good points. Last night I enjoyed the sound of RP8 (I think) curtesy of @Filipe.
Although when I last listened to VPI v LP12 a couple years ago I did not relish that sort of expense to achieve a decent vinyl sound from my system. But have I missed a trick here?

RP10/Aphelion. Phil

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Why not buy a non-usb turntable together with a Project Record Box e. Connect it to your computer via the usb and use Audacity (free download)!

There are so many options, Audio Technica decks getting good reviews.
But what if you dip your toe in and find you like it? Will the upgrading bug bite?
So how about and alternative that has resale value? Along the lines that pdchips suggests, @cymbiosis currently has a Rega 2 with cartridge for £200, then a Rega fono mini with USB output is £90. Whatever the outcome you stand the chance of getting your money back.

Thanks for correcting me Phil

Seems a reasonable option - will explore and will look at the Rega solution too. Thanks @catswhiskers and @pdchips.

Hello I’ve been using the Sony PS HX500 for ripping vinyl for a while now and have found the results to be excellent. I have upgraded the factory fitted cartridge to a ‘Audio-Technica VM540ML Dual Moving Magnet Stereo Cartridge with MicroLine Stylus’.

The software is simple to use and makes the whole process really enjoyable, even the track splitting. My brothers have a huge collection of vinyl which I am currently taking reccomendations from to rip. It takes me back to the days of recording the radio with an old portable tape recorder and microphone…

Also I do find that whist ripping albums, I will listen to the whole album from start to finish which I find to be a downside of the ease of changing tracks/albums using digital formats.

I haven’t got a high end system (Naim Atom, Neat SX2 or Beyerdynamic T1) but my ears tell me the results are superb :smiley::notes::headphones:


I have never understood why anyone would want to ‘rip’ Vinyl. Sorry.


In my case I can’t afford a TT (LP12 or VPI etc.) commensurate with my system and it’s a shame to have a couple hundred LPs doing nothing …

I’m with you on this one.

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I still have quite a few LPs sitting around, but the LP12 has gone, and it’s not coming back. At one stage, I did rip a few of them, but I rapidly reached the conclusion that buying and ripping the CDs to replace the LPs I actually might like was going to be a great deal cheaper and easier.

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I’ve got a high spec LP12, but I routinely rip LPs. Nice to have a backup in case I knacker the original LP.
Also sometimes idleness sets in and it’s so much easier to play the rips than climb on a chair to reach the top shelf of LPs.

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