Sound wave comparison: CD vs. Hi-Res

Dear Naim forum users,

I happened to watch this interesting video on youtube where there’s a comparison between the CD and Hi-Res sound wave through an analyzer. I’m curious to hear your thoughts about it.

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.



Did someone mention MQA?


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No printed mention before yours…!

no idea if the video mentions it, but if it is comparing that with CD then it isn’t comparing bitperfect hi res.

I assume you haven’t watched the video?

Could you post a link…?

There was a link but it’s gone now. I didn’t see anything that looked commercial material but maybe @Richard.Dane did.

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:expressionless: Ah, I see… Thanks…!

In general I don’t watch videos unless only a minute or two long - I’d much rather read written articles that I can read at my own speed. Time wasted on videos is time I’ve lost from something better!


@Guinnless it didn’t look commercial to me either.

Yes, there was a link indeed. @Richard.Dane corrected the post and deleted it. I guess I posted something against the rules, therefore I apologize. Can I mention the name of the video @Richard.Dane? Would you be so kind to tell me what’s wrong about the video I posted? I’ve seen other informative videos from Youtube on this platform but their links haven’t been deleted.

Maybe that’s the answer:

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My question was rhetorical, it was quite obvious that you hadn’t watched the video :slightly_smiling_face:

FWIW there was no music comparison whatsoever.

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The individual human ear? That’s all that counts on an individual basis.

No electronic or software based anaylser will tell us which version we will prefer.

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Indeed, instruments can tell us there isn’t a difference detectable within the sensitivity of the instruments for the parameters they measure, or that there is a difference but not which our ears will prefer - and different sets of ears may prefer differently.

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I agree, what matters is what we hear and perceive. Full stop. And it’s subjective of course. Nevertheless I found that to be an interesting approach, a bit different from the usual IMHO. So I was wondering what other people were thinking about that.

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I think you’ll have to explain what “that” is, the link not being there anymore even for those who’d watch the video!

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Basically they digitised an analogue 1kHz Sine wave firstly with 44.1kHz and then with 192kHz. The output Sine wave from the DAC was identical to the 44k version.

They did show that 24bit was less noisy than 16bit though.

But didn’t mention MQA so how can they be taken seriously?


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So not really any different from what seems to be the consensus of opinion of hi res vs 16/44 when from the same master, namely that there isn’t a huge audible difference, rather the hi res has “a little more air around the music” - which conceivably could be explained by a lower noise floor.

Indeed, I’ve said a few times on here that 24bit material sounds much better even just 24/44 or 24/48 that aren’t considered ‘hires’. I find it’s much easier to set a preferred volume level on 24bit material too.

There was a recent-ish PS audio video post where in the video the owner of PS Audio said the sampling rate is the most important, I said this was incorrect and may have upset some PS audio customers on here. :roll_eyes::grin:

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