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Welcome to the Naim Forum

Once you have registered on the forum, please ensure you have read through and understood the forum rules - these rules apply whether you have read them or not. We hope none of these will limit the free and wide-ranging discussions that we have traditionally allowed and encouraged on the forum, but for widest comprehension, please ensure your posts are in the English language. Posts in other languages will be moderated.

Feel free to contribute, but remember that the best place for definitive advice on Naim hi-fi or for product support is from your Naim dealer or Naim HQ!

We take protection of your data seriously. If you register to participate on our discussion forum your information will be held on servers located in the UK by third party service providers, Amazon Web Services, Inc and Linode LLC. and accessed by Naim Audio ltd. for the purposes of administering the forum.

Here is a link to Amazon Web Services, Inc Policy:

Here is a link to Linode LLC Policy:

You may read Naim Audio’s Privacy Policy here:

If you have any questions regarding your personal information then please do not hesitate to contact Naim Audio.

SEARCH - Please try a Search first (try various combinations of ‘key words’ from your query) before posting your query. The forum has been going in a few different incarnations for a long time now and most questions will have been asked before - some many, many times.

QUOTES - Please, when answering, consider whether you really HAVE to quote. If you do - please edit the quote to keep it as short and relevant as possible.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions can be found in their own room. Please look here first before asking in other rooms.


No Reps – any attempts by a member to promote their commercial interests will result in moderation and a ban.

No For Sale or Wanted ads! (includes free gifts and loans of equipment) - this includes transparent or oblique references to equipment for sale or equipment being sought - sometimes this will be a judgement call. ALL links to, or mentions of, equipment For Sale will be moderated.

Only one membership is allowed per person. If multiple memberships are discovered then we may contact you. To this end please ensure that your application details (not public) are accurate, including your real name, and please ensure your email address is kept valid and up to date.

Please ensure that your chosen avatar should not be a picture likely to cause offence. Please avoid the use of trademarks or copyrighted images. If you wish to use a picture that is not your own then you should seek permission from the owner to use it. Naim cannot be held responsible for images used on this site as avatars. All responsibility will rest with the members.

Please do not post links to specific retailer’s websites. Naim retailer contact details are available from Find a Retailer and the forum is not the place to favour particular retailers.

With this in mind - please do not post “live” links to commercial hi-fi or other commercial websites and please do not link or make any reference to discussions posted on other forums. Any links posted in the Hi-fi Corner that are deemed by the moderators to have any commercial purpose, or that have further links therein that lead to commercial websites, will be removed.

We do not permit discussion of modifications to internal components of Naim equipment and this also extends, at the Moderators’ discretion, to products from other manufacturers. This also applies to discussion of companies who undertake unauthorised modifications to Naim equipment.

Modification extends to the use of 3rd party or home-made power supplies and any cabling that carries DC power between Naim equipment.

This rule applies especially to the case fuses fitted within our equipment. There is a blanket and strict ban on such topics and it includes euphemistic phrases that ultimately reference such practices and attempt to circumvent the restriction.

An extension of this is discussion of alterations to the mains wiring, sockets, plugs, fuses and mains leads. Some exchanges about this can take place in the Padded Cell but will be subject to moderation on a precautionary basis. Excessive/obsessive discussion will also be closed or removed.

A further extension of this is discussion relating to unauthorised modification to Naim firmware or software.

Occasionally a member will be banned or asked to be removed from membership.

Although we will not announce this (being a private matter between the member and forum moderators) we may moderate your post if you make mention of that member.

As they are unable to respond - it would be unfair to allow negative posts and, as we need to be discreet in our responses, there would be no useful point in raking over the details of their removal. With this in mind, we will remove such references and contact you to require that you desist. Any attempt to continue to promote the previously moderated opinions and arguments (on that person’s behalf) of a banned member will also be subject to moderation and may lead to the poster being moderated and/or removed from the forum.

A couple of individuals and companies have, in the past, expressed a strong desire not to have either their names mentioned or products discussed on the Naim forum and we are happy to oblige (including here). Any mention of their names or the names of their products will be moderated accordingly.

Members who appear to be trying to push any kind of agenda on the forum may well be placed under moderation or removed from the forum.

All direct enquiries and/or forum queries should be made to Naim Audio

If you wish to contact me regarding any forum matter, including account issues, then please email Naim on, and mark your mail for my attention.

Thanks and best wishes, Richard.

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