We have a fairly old and basic Sony TV, it is connected to the HiFi via a Tendak switch thingy (audio extractor?) which managers the inputs from a Roku device, Blu-ray player and the Freesat Box. This sends a wired signal to the HiFi system.

The problem is variable audio delay at times. It seems to vary from source to source and even day to day. There are no settings anywhere I can see to adjust this.

I wondered if a simple soundbar might be the solution?

The TV has RCA audio outputs and also an optical output.

Any ideas if this is worth a try, connections etc please. I have only most basic knowledge in AV etc


I connect my Sony to NDX via the optial connection, you can do the same into your NDS.
The new NDS input will show on the iPad/Android control device as Digital-3, I’ve renamed it as ‘TV’.
TV volume is still controlled by the TV remote & I’ve found its best to tune down to 0. The Naim system controls only the Naim system volume
There are no time delay issues, the sound is just the same as what you get on the TV & thats from all sources, terestrial, recorder or BRP.

No need to go mad on optical ‘cables’, Mine is 5m long & cost less than £10 a few years ago.
I’ve found the better Toslink ends are metal (vs plastic) they are more robust and make a more secure fitting.

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Thanks. It would be a bit awkward to run an optical cable to the NDS but I guess possible. Probably about 15m. Will this definitely solve the delay issues on all sources?


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Yes, at least it does on mine when fed from either of terrestrial, internet, recorder or BRP.

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I have just realised that I already have an optical cable from the ‘switch box’ to the NDS. I can just swap this to the TV output!

Will try this evening.


Hi, I use optical audio out. (also have Sony TV)
Also, some audio out settings have to be turned on/off after update of Android but if U have basic tv then simple soundbar should be ok.

And connect it with optical, but I think that remote doesn’t work then

I used to send the signal from my Sony to my NDS, via an optical (?), now it goes to my 52.
I can’t detect a difference in SQ, but my aging ears are not reliable.

I had given thought to a sound bar but the biggest improvement was getting a sub bass. My companion, who has hearing aids, always comments how clear the sound is … she loves the low frequencies!

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Bruce lip sync is at times a tricky one. I’m in the process of a demo on a replacement av controller and I have had to adjust lip sync settings from each of my sources. My apple tv box is the exception, it always seems to be “in sync”.
If you try a sound bar, best advice is to obtain it on sale or return, since it may not address the issue.
Perhaps your player has a lip sync adjustment but that still leaves the issue with other sources.

Thanks. The player is fairly basic, no lipsync options.


Possibly also worth looking at the video mode the TV is defaulting to.

Most, not all, directly connected AV lip sync is due to complex video processing on the TV/display causing tens of ms of video delay compared to the audio which is processed near instantaneously.

Some TV modes or specific video processing options (frame interpolation changing the frame rate in particular if not done well) adds longer video lag due to the extra processing compared to other video modes or deselecting ‘advanced features’.

Might not cure it but alternate modes can certainly sometimes improve things.

Assume you’ve checked menus for lip sync correction both on the TV and the various source devices.

No options on any of the devices for lipsync. I am not even sure the TV has different settings for ‘modes’ not totally sure what they might be!


If you have an old basic Tv I wouldn’t waste your money on a soundbar. To get the best out of a soundbar you need a modern tv that will output Dolby etc and a soundbar will replicate a 5:1 surround sound system.
I’ve recently added a soundbar after using my speakers as the tv sound source, What a difference to the listening experience without buying a full blown AV amp and speakers. Programmes like Planet Earth3 sound fantastic.

By modes I really meant ‘picture’’ modes eg Dynamic/Movie/Standard/Gaming type picture settings which will have diffewrent characteristics/processing by default. Sorry not used a Sony set for ages, and modern TV menus can be incredibly complex. I just seem to recall that some potentially have lower video lag than others due to different processing settings.

For the price of a soundbar you can get a new nice TV. Not huge. For 300 to 500. You may find that’s all u need. You can add a Sonos or whatever soundbar for a couple hundred. Arc hdmi. Or optical. They run optical cables for miles

A new TV isn’t on the cards. I appreciate the technology has moved on but it appears a decent quality TV that is a sensible size is impossible. Ours has approx 24" (diagonal) screen and that is fine for us and the room. Maybe when they invent a screen that rolls up or folds we will be interested.

The suggestion of taking the optical TV output into the NDS has apparently improved things though. Thanks Mike B


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Bruce I have been demoing changes to my AV system. My suggestion, based on finding no issue with lip sync on any of the apps on Apple 4k tv box, is that you might consider a change to your streamer. The new Apple boxes, only have HDMI output, two versions one wifi only, the other + ethernet. If you don’t have an HDMI input on tv, (perhaps Roku uses it) then it would require a further (extractor) box.
Apple tv box could replace several boxes, if you have reasonable internet speed - my is fine with FTTC.
Hope that helps

Thanks. I don’t know anything about ‘Apple TV boxes’ or what they do. Will look into it. We don’t use any apple subscription TV though, and won’t intend to. Our TV is via Freesat, and we have Netflix, BBC iPlayer etc (via the Roku).

Out TV won’t do 4k either I suspect.


Tv doesn’t have to be 4k. Apple have apps, just like ipad et al.
One for BBC iplayer, one for Netflix, ch4, itv, UK tv play and a host of others. No subscription necessary, it is a standalone box, which if you are not using other apple kit, comes with a small remote which does it all. If you were nearer I would lend you one - perhaps you can get one on approval?
The other thing you might have to set up is an Apple id, so that you can download free apps and receive updates. I don’t use Netflix, but I think those you subscribe like Netflix can be linked.

Thanks. Sounds like it might do the job if the Roku box but not our Freesat (Humax). I will look into it


Our bedroom TV always had lousy speakers and after a few years they started distorting badly. Instead of buying a new TV I bought a Cambridge TVB2 soundbar which comes with a Bluetooth subwoofer and it’s been a revelation!!

Miles better sound quality, really compact design and modest cost…

Hope you get your issue sorted.