Speaker Build - CNO Grande

It would indeed! I’d have to keep an eye on the weight for the feet though :slightly_smiling_face:

Great job Mark, really enjoyed the thread, loving the track selection in post 214, a man after my own heart, brilliant job…been a long time since I built my own speaker but you may have started something here :+1:

Thanks @silverback, and glad you’ve enjoyed the build :slightly_smiling_face:

What have you built in the past … and what might you consider building now?!

I’m looking forward to doing another, not because of anything wrong with these, they could easily be an end game speaker for me, but it’s just the sense of achievement and the enjoyment I’ve got from it. Of course there’s also some curiosity involved … three way, transmission line … what must they sound like?! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Mark, first build from memory where a copy of the Spendor BC-1’s, pretty straight forward build and served me well for a few years.

Then I got adventurous and built a pair of Pro 9TL’s a much more complicated build than the BC-1’s being a transmission line, you can still find the build sheet supplied by Falcon Acoustics, massive things with huge amounts of controlled bass and extremely heavy, took me a few months to put those together. One thing I always remember was how when playing a certain Telarc lp of the 1812 the crossovers would some times fall apart as the current had melted the solder on some of the joints. There were more but it’s a long story :grinning:

My son keeps telling me to build another pair but never seem to get up the enthusiasm to start, but really enjoyed browsing through your build thread, one day maybe. Maybe a pair of PMC MB2 clones or something from the gentleman that designed yours :wink:

Ah a veteran builder! :slightly_smiling_face: Yes that transmission line one does look quite complex, tracked down the build sheet, great stuff, very detailed instructions! I didn’t realise transmission lines had been around for that long. That’s crazy with the solder :joy: What did they sound like?

Those PMC MB2s are big speakers!

There may well be a couple more builds here from others … could tip you over the edge :slightly_smiling_face:


Didn’t realise how long ago its been since I built the Pro9’s, at the time they sounded great and to be honest I do love transmission line speakers hence the PMC Twenty 26’s in my system at the moment.

The solder issue had the same effect on my then brother in law who used to find it really amusing at the time :joy: only ever did it with that album, strange.

I have heard the big PMC’s a few times and they just do it for me, their cost is frightening , but I have seen a kit on the market that looks very close to them, not cheap for a kit speaker but way cheaper than the original.

At the time I started building it was a cost issue that drove it, with a love of music, not much in the way of spare cash it seemed an ideal solution, so the hobby began and loved every minute of it, apart from the crossover issues :joy:

Maybe I will have one last go…never say never… :wink:

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Big speakers, big price! Bet they sound amazing though :slightly_smiling_face:

I am interested in transmission lines, I came close to buying a kit from a company down in the south west somewhere, quite a while ago and they were transmission lines. I forget their name but he has since retired. Money was a bit tighter then, they looked to be nice speakers and I thought it’d be a fun project.

If you like speakers on the larger size have a look at “The Loudspeaker” variants in Troels’ Fusion range … if I had a dedicated listening room I’d be very tempted by the slightly smaller semi-active “The Loudspeaker 2” :slightly_smiling_face:

I think his Fusion range is probably the most interesting, drivers from various manufacturers chosen on how well they work together, he’s not afraid to mix expensive drivers with cheaper ones if they work together better and sound better. I’ve had his “Faital 3 Way Classic 10 inch” in a browser tab for quite a while … along with a transmission line that he’s released recently.


Large speaker usually have a price tag to match, I will down size when I replace the PMC’s, had a hearing test recently, was advices to cut down on the loud music, think mainly due to my tinnitus is getting a little worse but 40+years in heavy engineering probably hasn’t helped :joy:

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:grimacing: yes probably best to not make matters worse. I make sure I use ear defenders when using the power tools, no point in making speakers if the process of making them damages your hearing :joy:

Please let us know if you do decide to do that one last build :slightly_smiling_face:


You have to have a little of what you fancy, so just a few tracks with the volume at 11 o clock, John Martyn’s “Amsterdam” is a favourite at the moment, love hearing Collins on the drums…

Will definitely update if I decide to have one last go, those MB2 clone kits do look so tempting but I think they would do for my hearing and my marriage :joy:

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I did a bit of surgery on the speakers yesterday, connected up the alternate resistor for the tweeter out of curiosity.

Result, what a difference a 1 ohm tweak to one resistor can make. I need to listen more but the immediate impression is that they’ve lost quite a lot of that ever so delicate top end that I’ve been enjoying, cymbals no longer shimmer and decay so nicely etc. You might not think I’d miss that on a Metallica track, but I do :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been toying with the idea of doing some sort of connector or switch on mine.

Then again it’s probably something you’ll play with initially and never touch again, so perhaps not worth it?

Hi, yes that was my plan too initially, I bought the connector blocks he recommended with that in mind. I changed my mind for pretty much the same reason while putting the crossover together, the block on the back would be ugly and if inside then may as well just get the soldering iron out, takes longer to undo all the screws and do them up again :slightly_smiling_face:

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My current idea is to mount both options on the board and use a splicing connector to connect either one to the rest of the circuit. Should make it easier to switch back and forth.

Once I know which I prefer I’ll remove the connector and solder.