Speaker Build - CNO Grande

Who needs a clean car? :joy:

Can sympathise with finding the time, especially with children… can’t have seen myself doing this a few years ago! My list of jobs did grow during this build and I’m still catching up … a bit of tiling to do in the bathroom tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes still loving the Illuminators, listing to Eric Clapton Unplugged right now :guitar:

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My CNO4’s are sounding great again… I am not as keen to go barreling into another build just yet.

Over the last year or so i had altered the tweeter to a lower resistance, and then again later to the lowest one, chasing a brighter top end. After some experimentation the other day, I have now gone back to the highest resistance setting and have found that it has had a really interesting result.

Lowering the tweeter level (increasing resistance) has effectively boosted the midrange, bringing more depth and body to voices, guitars, spatial atmosphere sounds etc. I had tried to increase the spatial atmosphere sounds by increasing the tweeter level but it seems to have had the opposite effect. Going back has also had the effect of smoothening out the mids, even though there has been no change to the mids at all.

I have found it really difficult to adjust the treble level with this speaker. I think the first order crossover means that the mid tweeter integration makes it hard to tell what is doing what. You can’t really hear the tweeter playing. When it’s set right it sounds like the tweeter is off. I suppose this is a good thing. It just takes some getting used to.

Anyway, it is now back to sounding great.


@Mark63 can you tell me where you got your black HDF from? My dad is going to build the Illuminator 71 and he might use the same. If he can get it. He is in the uk also. Nottingham.

Thanks mate.

@Mark84 Sorry Mark, not been reading the forum for a while … I used mdfdirect.co.uk, reasonable delivery cost (some others I looked at were crazy) and quick. Pretty expensive cutting, I had a full sheet cut into four so I could handle it this end, each of those pieces is very heavy.
I’m sure he’ll love them!

@Mark84 Hi Mark, has your dad started his build? Occurred to me that he’s not too far away, about an hour and a half drive, if he’s interested in hearing them.

Edit: just saw the “two months later” on my post … where has that time gone :open_mouth: He’s probably listening to his now!

Hi Mark. Last time i spoke to him, he had settled on the same illuminator kit but has still not ordered it yet. I think he will build the floor stander version. I will let him know about your offer to listen. Thankyou, that’s very nice.