Speaker Build - Fusion

@Mark63 Hi, thanks for the message. So i have decided to rebuild the fusion as you can see. As for the CNO4, i have plans. I’m not going to sell them as i have suspicions they will come to life with a higher quality source, and possibly more power. I am also making some modifications to them. Firstly, i am removing the Hypex amp and am going to make the passive crossover. Second, i will chop off the bottom 70mm, bringing the driver flush with the bottom. The speaker was quite high, too much for my liking. I think ill use some large spikes for clearance. Troels states that the passive crossover requires bi-amping due to a 2ohm impedance for the whole speaker so i will need another power amp before i can try this. My mid-term plan to try this setup is possibly an Atom HE + 2 nap 200 or 250’s.

I really admire your “wood” (MDF! ) working ability. Beautifully finished there.


Thankyou @Xanthe

With Naim’s new 300 series amps now coming onto the market you might consider a used NAP300 as prices are falling. Obviously that’s not biamping, but you’ll get plenty more oomph than you get from a 250. It’s still two boxes, but it avoids the need for extra speaker cable and mains lead.

Could it handle that low of an impedance load on its own @ChrisSU ?

I can’t answer that from personal experience, but Naim say that the 300DR is “capable of prolonged output into 2 ohms with no discernible impact on performance” so I can’t see why not.

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Fantastic work, if I had those wood working skills, I would build a set of naim dbl’s . Obtain some atc 15 inch bass drivers and get the scanspeak mid and tweeter equivalents. But back on topic, beautiful work with great attention to detail.

Holes routed for rear ports and terminals.

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I’m trying something a little different this time. I’ve cut a shadow line with the circular saw to give the illusion of a plynth.


Painting the base black with oil based satin black. A nice finish can be achieved easily with a high density foam roller. The inspiration for this comes from Spendor. Threaded inserts for spikes/feet also inserted.


Can’t wait for the review. Looking great so far. I think I have all the tools required to have a go at a project like this but unfortunately I have none of your talent :blush:

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Very impressive! When I visited the place in Germany where my own QUAD ESL57s were built, I saw the skills required to do such things. I was very impressed.

Good luck for the completion of your project!

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Thanks @graham55

Cabinets pretty much finished.
Now I need to apply the felt material to the insides.


I have finished the cabinets in Osmo poly x oil Raw… It has a white pigment in it which aims to offset the wet look and prevent pale woods turning amber over time. It will darken with UV exposure but shouldn’t go the Amber colour like maple can when sealed with an oil based sealer. This colour veneer was requested by my wife. She said she wanted a light coloured wood. I’d rather have gone a little darker but you have to make some sacrifices.

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Hi Mark,
You are a tremendously gifted cabinet maker.
Seeing your work is quite an inspiration. As for the speed of progress, well that’s something else, even accounting for it being second time around.
Great work :+1:

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Have to take my hat off to you Mark, superb build quality.

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Lovely looking craftsmanship!

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