Speaker Build - Fusion

No grilles this time?

Troels Gravesen’s Fusion 3WC as he mentions in the opening post.

And to your second question:

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I’ll be making some grills but not sure when. I didn’t put the magnets under the veneer this time so I’ll have to use the little clips.

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@Mark84 Hi Mark, sorry, I thought I’d replied to this ages ago, obviously going senile :grimacing:

Sounds like a good plan, and a good time for picking up a couple of power amps, some real bargains at the moment!

Won’t lowering the speakers put the bass driver too close to the floor?

Really like the plinth effect you’ve done, looks excellent, little touches like this really make a big difference.

How’s the build going now?

Edit: meant to ask how you applied the veneer to the top of the stepped front panel? Hard to clamp?!


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t been on here a lot recently, I’m doing lots of renovation work on the house at the moment.

I have seen the bargain amps… I’m in no rush. I think I might wait until we start to see the new NC NAP 250 used price come down a bit… Id like one with an Atom HE.

As for the speakers, I’m really enjoying the fusion. I have just hooked them back up after installing new hardwood floors over the last few weeks. Yes I like the plinth too. Im glad it worked out well, It was a bit of impulsive decision.

The CNO4 will be competed once I have finished all the work on the house. I also need to purchase the passive crossover. I plan to use some large spikes for feet, giving 35-40mm clearance. I think that should be enough.

As for applying veneer to the step, it’s pretty easy, you just clamp a piece of timber to it using the internal chamfer of the mid driver hole. it’s the perfect angle.

Hope you are enjoying your speakers. My Dad is now looking at building the new revelator 851 (3WC version).

Hi Mark, yes similar here, been involved with other things so less frequent visits … I do find I save a lot more money by staying away from the forum :joy:

Glad you’re enjoying the Fusions, shame you’re on the other side of the world, would love to hear them, and the CNOs when you get back to them.

Your dad sounds a bit like me, changing his mind about what to build next! Those Revelators do look really nice, Troels keeps coming out with new designs that are so tempting … personally looking at the Ekta 7741 now, but still really tempted by the Fusion 22 … highly likely to cause domestic issues though :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the tip re the veneering :+1:

All the best,

Edit … PS the new 250 is amazing, a big jump over the 250DR, well worth waiting for

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