SPEAKER CABLE for naim amp

A dealer who sells NAIM amplifier also sell NORDOST highend speaker cables. My existing amp is
NAIM NAC32.5/NAP140. Can I use this Nordost speaker cables in place of NAIM A4 speaker cables. Will the Nordost cable damage the amplifier?

Nordost cables are still fairly low capacitence so you’ll probably be okay.

If you gave the exact specs of the cable to Naim support, they would give you a yey or ney.

You should compare the capacitance and inductance of the cable with that of NACA5 as described here:

Most Nordost cables are quite different from these specs, albeit not wildly so like some Litz cables, for example. Still, if you’re looking for an upgrade cable for a Naim power amp I would probably look at something known to be a closer match, for example from Chord, WitchHat or Tellurium Q.
I certainly wouldn’t buy any exotic cable unless I could get a home demo and hear a clear improvement.


I’d suggest using the money to get a nice serviced chrome bumper Hicap. It will make far, far more of an improvement than any speaker cables, regardless of how exotic they might be. You could always get NacA5, which is better but other than that I’d stick with the A4.


As above, get a hicap, its a massive upgrade.

Nordost cables that I have heard were terrible and silly overpriced, maybe they will work in a valve/horn setup.

A matching cable to your amp could be:
Naim A4 or A5, Witchhat Phantom or N2, Chord Odyssey or other Chord cables, Early Exposure, Linn or Cable talk amo.
My experience its better to run a longer length such as 5-6 mtr rather than 2-3 mtr.


Hi I have a Naim Nova running Harbeth P3’s which are connected with the NacA5. I keep seeing Witchhat Phantom cable mentioned as an upgrade. So the question is would I notice it with the Nova and Harbeths apart from being easier to run and bend.

Definitely no less than 3.5m on a NAP140

Mike, how can anyone but your good self answer this?

Well just wanted to know if anybody else has the same equipment and made the change as the Nova is low end Naim compared to the separates.

Why second room has an Atom and yesterday I switched to a set of Atlas cables. I wanted two 3.0 cables and wanted to move away from my Naim cables which because they were cluttering the room and black.

The Altas sounds every bit as good as the Naim set - as far far the Atom.

I would have have gone for the Super Liminas which I use in my main system but I didn’t even ask my household manager but I still remember the look on her face re the cost of a full SL set!

My local Naim dealer tried to sell me Atlas Hyper 3.0 to go with my Nait XS2 and PMC twenty5.22 speakers so I’d hope that would be a good match and it is the cable he said he uses in his home system. I went with Witch Hat N2 and am very pleased with it.

I changed from naca5 to phantom on a 8 year old XS with PMC speakers and noticed a big difference. So yes even on the Nova you’ll notice a difference in cables

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