Speaker cable for Supernait 3


In the process of upgrading from an Atom + NAP 100 to a Supernait 3 + NDX 2 but need help regarding the speaker cables please !!

I saw the Naim reasoning & spec for NACA5 but I understand that they are very hard to work with & i do have several curves & right angles to negotiate between amp & with both speakers.

So i guess the (first) question is, compared to the NACA5, can you suggest alternative cables that have

  1. appropriate capacitance & inductance to avoid any risk to the amp,
  2. similar (or better) SQ & PrAT
  3. similar budget point
  4. but are more flexible for fitting

Second question is, am I ok (i.e. at no risk to SN3 amp) to use my current cable in the meantime until i upgrade the cable (current cable is 2 x 5m Van den Hul Clearwater which has resistance : 0.9 Ohm/100 m & capacitance: 17.5 pF/m but i cant find what what inductance is for these).


I replaced NACA5 with Witch Hat Phantom and consider it a big improvement at reasonable cost when I owned an SN3. I’ve retained the Phantom cable having since upgraded my system.
While auditioning the upgrade to 282/300DR I heard the new Kudos cable which IMO is also better than NACA5.
Both of these cables improved range and definition without effecting the Naim sound.

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Witch Hat N2 (cheaper and arguably slightly better in my opinion but simliar) or Witch Hat Phantom (only very marginally more expensive and clearly better).

Both meet all of your 4 criteria.

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Witch Hat Phantoms.

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You can use the vdh cable while you consider alternatives. The current naim amps are more tolerant, it was the older models that needed the speaker cable to be of specific characteristics.

Witch hat only sell from UK or to they have a EU distributor? VAT added now otherwise…

DNM Reson or linn k20

Van Damme UP-LCOFC.
As good as anything I have tried before.

That’s what I’m using built by Mark Grant (6mm2). Been very happy with them and comes at low cost compared to a lot out there. Are we sure it’s not Van Damme cables behind the black covering of the Witch Hats? I assume they purchase some OEM cables and add connectors etc.

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NACA5 is great if you want to fit the cable very stealthily around the skirting of a room. It’s relative stiffness here becomes a blessing as, once formed, it holds its shape very nicely. I have formed it around all kinds of intricate wood mouldings and corners over 10meters and it’s not immediately apparent that there’s a speaker cable there; of course, the cable is white, as is the skirting board…


Thanks, that is good to know :slight_smile:

Thanks Richard, did you need to apply any fixings to keep its shape & in terms of forming it did you require anything to help with that - I’ve read others mentioning hairdryers ?!?

In my opinion, NACA5 has too much of a bad rep in this regard. It can be unwieldy for sure in some scenarios, but in others it is very easy to work with and the stiffness helps. You can and may bend it, and it stays in shape, in particular e.g. with right angles. (Cautious hair dryer use can help). Other cables are also not so bendy that they easily go around right angles, and they do not stay in shape.

Edit: I see, Richard already made this point


Thanks - so it looks like the stiffness can actually aid the laying & not be the big draw back I initially thought

Right, off to investigate WHT & Kudos - thanks for the info

Did of course mean WHP :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that A5 is good - as are probably the others mentioned. Though characteristics differ and A5 may not be as transparent as others, there are always people who return to A5 in the end. As Richard keeps repeating, it does seem to take considerable time to run in.

Yes - will do thanks

Tellurium Q Black II is very good. It’s flat and very bendy so very easy to use.

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Thanks - will have a look