Speaker cable for under carpet round a fireplace

We are decorating and re organising out lounge so will need some more speaker cables.
The cables need to go under the carpet round the fireplace so can anybody recommend suitable ones.
I have a Uniti Star and Neat Iota Alphas.

My current cable is Nordost Flat ribbon cable which is 4 core as my last Castle speakers were bi amped from my Musical Fidelity A308.

Any recommendations please

Tellurium Black II is flat and flexible, should go well with your Star/Alphas.

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Can I ask how you go around corners with a flat cable? Can it bend through 90 degrees and stay flat?

I wouldn’t think so, haven’t tried that, didn’t see any reference to a 90 degree requirement, it will bend on the flat, not to 90 degrees. The op refers to his last cable being Nordost flat ribbon, I was just suggesting an alternative.

How deep is the underlay? When I had A4 I removed 2cm of underlay next to the tacking and put the cable there. With the carpet over the top it was invisible.

I’ve since done the same with many cables, not bothering with flat ones. For going snug around corners, I find a round cable like Atlas Hyper series are easy to work with. Round bend on any axis.

I have used Atlas Hyper in that situation it’s a very good small cross section cable.

We recently moved home and have the exact same problem. We used NAC A5 in our previous home which would be fine under the carpet, except for the right-angle bends needed.

Kudos KS-1 is on our short list. As well as reportedly being thin and flexible, it has the advantage to us, of not being black.

Our thinking is to try KS-1 both tucked in the edge of the carpet around the hearth or simply nearby and underneath the carpet.


The Nordost was folded at right angles,just folded leaving an 45degreeb angle on the corner

That’s good, I never had a requirement for 90 degree bends when I ran the Tellurium Q Black, maybe ask your dealer or Tellurium.

Another vote for Kudos KS-1 here, it’s low profile and white and I’ve secured it to my skirting board with the sort of nail-on white plastic clips used for telephone cable. They’re available in lots of sizes from any DIY store. I’ve done the same with Chord Rumour and Atlas in the past but the KS-1 is a way better sounding cable than pretty much anything I’ve ever had before.


Both Naim A4 and A5 come in white - mine are… :astonished:

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I’ve done exactly the same round the fireplace with Witch Hat Phantom. Worked fine.

As you’re redecorating (and dependent on type of fireplace) are you able to channel a route behind the hearth to run the cable through ? When we had our fireplace changed, we had a a channel cut in the hearth at the rear where conduit runs to allow the right hand speaker cable to be routed through. Just a thought.

Another vote for KS-1 cable though. It works well and is very flexible and discreet.


True that NAC A5 comes in white but it doesn’t exactly bend nicely at right-angles, even with a hair dryer.

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My Naim A5 bends well enough, without heat.

Clearly, YMMV… :thinking:

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Kudos KS-1 seems a good option both in sound quality and installation under a carpet to be hidden. I’m evaluating also to try this cable. Is there a minimum recommended lenght to better work with Naim amps? I own a 300DR.
In my case a 2m pair is already enough but I can stretch until 3m without to be forced to coil it.

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My A5 is extremely rigid, while it will curve nicely over a few feet I’ve never been able to make an acute bend ‘stay’ in place. A4 was considerably more flexible.

If I actually bother to reinstate some rear surround speakers I’m probably going to need something flexible to run in the hearth behind the log burner as there is no carpet under which to run a cable.

Quite a contrast between this thread where speaker cable is coupled to flooring, skirting boards, fire surrounds etc, and the cable risers thread…:grinning:

Our NACA5 runs along the skirting board btw.

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This is one of my NAC A5 leads, going around a 90 degree corner. No heat involved, just gentle bending by hand.

Works for me… :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, can also confirm Kudos KS-1 is well suited for shaping round fireplaces. I have both curves & right angles around mine which it fits snugly against & all by hand. The SQ of these are also great imho