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I’m deciding a setup to drive a landscape outdoor sound system consisting of a pair of 8ohm Polk landscape satellite speakers and sub which has line level input and has a red/black/green/white terminal (I think because it has 2 voice coils) but really unsure how long I can make the speaker wire drops without impeding performance.

I think the distance from my system to the speakers is about 30m. The only wire I can find in my budget range is the qed outdoor rated 16AWG but I don’t think it’ll do, I’ve researched and am in fire 16awg would work up to 48ft. Would the quad core double up 16AWGx2 work better?

Thanks to any Naim physics Spods out there!


The ability of your amp to drive long speakers could be a problem here, but what is the amp you plan to use?
A line level lead to a sub is also going to be a problem at that sort of length, perhaps a shorter high level connection from the speakers would be an option?

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Given that those speakers are scarcely the last word in hifi, I think the only relevant question is whether your amp has enough power to drive them to the sound level you want (or which won’t be audible to neighbours), with the extra resistance if the cables are thin. Unless a very feeble amp Iwould be surprised if anything thicker than telephone wire isn’t adequate. I can’t think of any amp that would be unstable with the added resistance of long cable wires.

For hifi in the garden, with long cables, this might be of interest:


The resistance of 30m of 16AWG speaker cable is about 0.4 ohms. You should be just fine with 8 ohm speakers.

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