Speaker cable length

must a cable from another manufacturer such as chord or DNM also have the minimum length of 3.5 meters?
I have the nap140.

With a NAP140 you really do need a low capacitance, moderate inductance speaker cable (Naim NACA4 and NACA5 are ideal here) of at least 3.5m per channel, better I find to have between 5-10m per channel.

FWIW, I find NACA5 really excellent, BUT, it needs to be 5m or more, needs the best soldering of the perfect matching plugs (SA8 at the Naim end), AND it takes ages to run-in, to lose its edges and for it to obtain depth, space and “air” on top of it’s more obvious strengths. I’m more convinced than ever that those who don’t like NACA5 on Naim have never heard a properly run in set of cables of the ideal length and termination. One day you’ll just have one of those “oh gosh” moments, and then you know…


Welcome - below is a link from the FAQ category which details the technical specs of NACA5 and emphasises the considerations in play. Naim amps of late have become more tolerant of other brands of speaker cable but as Richard points out using a not well-matched cable can bring performance/sound issues and not do the amp any favours, especially with the older ranges. I find NACA5 very ‘fast’ and it delivers the famed Naim PRaT in spades but at the expense (relative to some others) of detailing. The rub is that all cables have their own qualities and some Chord cables I’ve dem’ed did some undesirous things to the bass and the PRaT of my system.

The 140 is a wonderful amp and I would stick with the NACA4/5, as it was designed to work with these cables.

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Is it same case for Atom? I read that min lenght of 3.5m is important just for Naim amplipher, not for Atom? Is it true?
Phisicaly for my sistem is inought 2x2.5m (Nac A5).

Naim say that the Atom can use any quality cable although they do recommend their NACA5.
I’m using Tellurium Q Black with mine and it sounds great.

I wont NacA5, but asck for lenght.

Naim no longer specify the type and length of cables required for the new Unitis. So probably best not to worry about it…although mine does sound good with 5 metres of NACA5, and a big improvement on the non-Naim stuff I used to use.


i use shahinian speaker and just wanted to know if for others like chord, DNM is also prescribed a minimum length?

Welcome to the Krazy World of Naim Rushboy,
As per FAQ, Naim use the speaker cable to add a specific output stage inductance (L), & thats what the spacer between the wires on NACA5 does, it also gives the desirable low capacitance ( C ).
Other amp designs include an inductor coil inside the amp, so that means that inductor plus whatever speaker cable L is on top, possibly too much.
What Naim are actually saying with the minimum length is the recommended minimum L, & as NACA5 is 1uH per meter, the 3.5m minimum length L will be 3.5uH.
The problem with using other cables is not many brands specify their L.
You asked about Chord, & they do not include any such specifications, but I use Chord Odyysey & have measured it myself & found it to be 0.6uH/m, but thats not a problem as I need 5.5m length anyway & that cable length is 3.3uH in total & is OK for my Supernait.
I’m not sure about DNM, OK I see it has designed with a spacer between wires & as a result has suitably high L with 1.03uH/m., but I’m not sure how it sounds. Interestingly the cable design comes from the original DNM amps, which like Naim, did not include a built-in induction coil.
Finally I understand Naim’s integrated & new all-in-one amps as not so fussy about cable length (output stage loading), but I would be wary of too short & anything with high C such as woven (plaited) or Litz types.


I have created order and will remain faithful to the Naca 5


Would be nice if Naim could create a more flexible version of the NACA5, given they have achieved this with the SL. Trying to hide 5m lengths in a wife friendly way is not easy for a lot of people.


I use DNM Resolution speaker cables with a 300DR and modified Spendor SP2s.

I find that they give very good PRaT, detail, clarity and timbral differentiation of instruments, with excellent insight into the music; but are somewhat ‘bass light’ by comparison to NACA5 (i.e. the bass doesn’t sound quite so ‘solid’).


Fwiw I had in excess of 5m each side NacA5, but for domestic bliss and the fact that it is a hard cable to manage in a small area I decided to cut mine as the amp (135’s) were adjacent to the speakers, while I am not disagreeing with what Richard said above I don’t feel I lost anything by having shorter cable (3m each side) but it is a great cable for relatively small money.

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