Speaker cable lengths

When I bought my current system about 3 years ago, I hadn’t bought decent hi-fi kit for perhaps 10yrs, and so was way off the pace with the latest kit, etc… (still am). I was advised to buy 5m lengths of speaker cable, as I was told that this is important.

I’m in the process of moving my hi-fi into a different room in the house, following some building work. I have Naim speaker cables, and they are black. In the new room, I have light grey porcelain tiles, and the ‘longer than required’ black cables don’t look great. I’m thinking to switch to white cables, and have them the correct length for the positioning of the speakers, with no excess coiled cable.

Is the 5m thing important, if so, how important ? 3m lengths would aesthetically work better for the space.

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Here’s the basics:

The lengths here are predominantly for the classic amps. The Uniti amps are more tolerant. If your current 5 meters are too long for you and as you have an Atom, a shorter length will be fine, like 3 if this is ideal for you.

However, it is also easy to fold up the excess length of the cable you have and you may be able to hide the folds under/behind furniture

Edit: see this for folding:


If I’m on your place I will follow Naim recommendation. Old or new amps, old or new cables, for each one of them there is Min. Optimum and Max.
For me the most important thing is that design of the Naim amp finish at the end of speaker cable, so always look at an amp and speaker cable as a one product …

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