Speaker cable. Upgrade?

Couple of questions.

I’ve had my NAP250 internals upgraded to DR. Does this mean the amp is no longer subject to the “3 metre minimum length” rule for speaker cable?

Also - is there any sonic advantage in using two lengths per speaker, spliced together at the amp end?

DR is voltage regulation, it does not change anything with the amp output stage or the speaker cable load recommendations.

Hmmm. Odd. I’m pretty sure I’ve read elsewhere that the rule no longer applies…

It applies to the poweramps. Unitis and the like are more flexible with speaker cables.


Worth noting comments from Steve Sells on NAP250DR.

I wouldn’t take notice of anything a journalist wrote.

The manual for the 250DR still specifies the 3.5m minimum length for NACA5. If, by, “two lengths per speaker, spliced together at the amp end”, you mean biwiring, I would say definitely not.

So based on that no Super Lumina allowed? :smiley:

Yup, it’s gotta be “bell wire” all the way. Stuff of legends, mutt’s nuts, dog’s bollox etc

Or maybe it was, “load of bollox”. Can’t quite remember at my age.

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