Speaker Cables Suggestions

Hi - My Setup:

NAC-N 272
NAP 200 (non DR)
Dali Mentor Menuet
QED XT40 Speaker Cable

…I realise that my setup is quite modest by most Naim standards, but aesthetics and SWMBO dictate the size and colour of speakers and no of boxes I am permitted…Now the aforementioned SWMBO would like me to move my stack to a different corner which will necessitate much longer cable runs…

I currently have QED XT40 cable in 2 X 3m lengths. This cable will be too thick, inflexible and (likely) too expensive to complete the 2 X 8m run (assuming matched lengths are required) for the new location, running around a wall, and fireplace, 4 corners in total for the furthest speaker.

So, my request, are there any recommendation for a speaker cable that is of sufficient quality, flexibility and suitably low profile, to wend the required distance, slip under the carpet and not compromise (too much) on quality?

Many thanks


Naim amps are designed to work with wires whose capacitance, inductance and resistance are of certain values, they will be compromised sonically and physically by other types of wire. Naim NAC A5 is the correct wire to use and will get the best sound out of your amps and make them last longer. NAC A5 is a bit stiff but if you persevere and use a hair dryer to warm the cables you can work them around any corners very well . They are a bit more expensive than some cables but they can be had very reasonably second hand or pre-loved as seems to be popular now if you look in the usual places. I believe Witchhat also make a good cable safe to use with Naim amps but I have no experience, I like NAC A5 as it with care can blend in quite well against walls or under carpets

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A little less wieldy than NACA5, some members have used Witch Hat N2 and DNM Reson to good effect, I’m sure there will be other recommendations that meet the proper specs.

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WitchHat N2 and Phantom are both flexible and suit Naim or Kudos KS1 all three get good reviews.

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I moved my stack through 180 degrees in my room and went from 3.5m of NACA5 to 8m around two corners. The NACA5 was out of the question and instead I bought Witch hat N2. It lives up to it’s reputation as a good substitute for the Naim cable.
Slightly different tonal balance (more detail and leaner mid-bass) but "IT GOES ROUND CORNERS!’ and is well made. So good, I’ll be ordering Phantom later in the year.


That is a nice system. I too have the Dali Mentor Menuet and used to match the 202/200 to the speakers. I have also briefly tried 282/250DR, Sonneteer Orton and Luxman L-590AXII with the Dalis and they sound good with all those amps.

Personally I wouldn’t try too hard in the cable department as the Dalis sound good with all speaker cables I have tried with them - NACA5, Chord Epic and Rega SC42. Personally I would avoid NACA5 if you find the QED to be inflexible and difficult to work with. I find the NACA5 to be stiff. The other suggestions are worth exploring if you want a more flexible cable which can bend easily. The Dalis will sound equally good with about any speaker cable out there since it is inherently a lit and lively sounding speaker.

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Im using 3.5 m of NACA5 now, does 5 m sound better as others say?

I don’t think the length is a factor, especially with modern Naim amps. Even the mantra that the minimum length should be 3.5m only really applied to old CB gear which was sensitive. NACA5 is a royal pain to bend round corners and, IMHO and SWMBOs, ugly but it does suit Naim gear well.
I did have QED silver but much preferred the Naim NACA5 for sound quality.

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Chord Epic Twin is incredible value for money if you ask me … and a lot more flexible than NACA5

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This is not true and is clearly stated in the current manuals - see extract from the Supernait 3 manual

Loudspeaker cables are vitally important. They should each be at least 3.5 metres long and of equal length. The recommended maximum is normally 20 metres although
longer cables may be viable with some Naim amplifiers.

With a NAP250, yes, I prefer 5m of NACA5 over the minumum 3.5m requirement.

One nice thing about NACA5 is that it can be formed to shape, so can be run around the skirting board very closely and then becomes not so noticeable.

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Thanks Richard, I will try to source a 5m length.

Thanks All - Some great options to consider - Based on the feedback I will research Chord Epic Twin, Witch Hat Phantom and I will at least take a look a NACA5…Feedback to follow

I switched from NACA5 to Townshend ISOLDA and believe (only my opinion) it is a more neutral cable and has superior imaging. It is a very flexible ribbon so can easily go under carpet (protected) and uses a small box on each end of the cable to ensure compatibility with Naim amps.

Absolutely not correct.
The all important inductance is a very low 0.002uH, NACA5 is 1uH
Capacitance is a massive 3,100pF, NACA5 is 16pF

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Hi Mike. It’s worth taking a look at Tellurium Q Black II. It’s a very good cable and is what I use, in 4.5m lengths. It’s flat and will therefore fit under carpets quite happily. Some of the the comments about NACA5 being the ‘right’ cable and something that will make your equipment ‘last longer’ are somewhat extreme and in the second case pure speculation.

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How does +1.5m change the sound in your system?

I believe you are quoting the cable specs but not the final values. That is the reason for the small matching box on each end. I’ve been using the ISOLDA cables with my 300DR for about a year now and amp remains stable, does not overheat and sounds superior to the NACA5 so I have no reservations using the Townshend cable.

Chord Epic is very good but at less cost Chord Odyssey has always been my preference. Also worth checking out is the new stuff from Kudos.



Yes I am quoting the value published by Townsend. If it’s not the “final” value, why bother to show it.
Whatever, compensation networks to correct the anomaly that is a highly capacitive cable is not my idea of how a speaker cable works.

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