Speaker cables

Can I use speaker cables other than naim A4 cable for my Naim preamp, poweramp? What will happen to amp if I use other highend speaker cable? What specs should I look for?

Inductance and capacitance figures comparable to NACA4/NACA5 are the key specs to look out for.

Witch Hat N2 or Phantom also work well.
I would observe the >3.5m minimum recomendation and personally use a 4.5 m pair of their Phantom cable which works very well.

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Rather than start yet another thread on speaker cables, could I just ask - I understand that integrated amps and all in ones like the Atom do not need cable of the capacitance required for the Naim power amps so is there any reason why that type of cable would sound better on the integrated products ? Is it simply a case of these cables generally being high quality regardless ? Secondly, is there any problem using this type of cable for non-Naim equipment or is it not recommended ?

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