Speaker connections to 250DR

I have a question about the speaker plugs that come supplied with the 250DR. I’ve just got home after picking the amp up from the dealer, this is replacing a 200 and I had my speakers connected with individual banana plugs to it. But there is a warning on the back of the 250 not to replace the supplied speaker plugs with individual 4mm plugs. Having unscrewed the supplied plugs there appears no way of making a good connection with the bare cable ends…do they have to be soldered? The dealer didn’t mention this when I collected it earlier, I’m itching to fire it up but that warning has me worried…help!

banana plugs are fine straight into a 250DR. Super Lumina cables are bananas and you can use them with a 250 DR. I always had bananas with my 250DR

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Great, thanks…I could only see it would be a problem if you were trying to connect speakers while the amp was switched on and the pos and neg plugs inadvertently touched

The warning originates from Naim’s rather strict interpretation of an EU safety regulation designed to discourage people from accidentally plugging the speakers into a mains electrical socket! The spacing on the Naim plugs makes this impossible. Unless you think that you might actually do this, you can safely ignore the warning and use your existing bananas.
Having said that, the Naim plugs are a good match for Naim amps, and I would recommend using them if you can. They are quite tricky to solder well, so it’s worth finding someone who can do it properly. (From personal experience, some dealers are very good at this, and others are really bad!)


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