Speaker driver cleaning

Does anyone clean their drivers ? mine seems to be a dust magnet without the grills (which I prefer off). I have one of those US imported Dustvac’s /blowers but reluctant to use it (very powerful), especially on the sensitive tweeters.

Definitely wouldn’t use a vacuum, my drivers are exposed too and I use a soft feather duster now and again

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I keep my grills on except for a serious listening session & don’t have that much of a dust problem, not saying it’s because of the grills. I use a small battery powered vacuum cleaner carefully about once a year around the chassis & the rubber surround & a feather type duster on the cones a bit more often.

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I never clean them because I’ve always been told never to clean them. This is one piece of advice which has remained identical no matter the year, era, fashion, speaker, system, manufacturer or dealer.

Interesting - ok, thanks Harry.

Your mileage may vary. That’s just my £0.02.

air duster only.

This is the one I have…

I use a ostrich feather duster. It’s so soft that there’s no way on earth it could damage anything.


Micro fiber dusters can get caught in woven cones (B&W, PMC). Best avoided for those types.

Yeah, nice recommendation. Think I will get one.

Why not simply contact the manufacturer of the loudspeakers and seek their professional advice and guidance. That way, you’ll have a definitive expert solution - either how to clean properly and avoid damage or do not touch under any circumstances etc :smile:

Magico speakers suggest you don’t touch the drivers with anything at all, and recommends using a “canned air” aerosol spray, kept at least a foot away from the drivers for a broad and gentle spray.

You are playing music too quietly please engage higher volume and get those main drivers working to remove dust :wink:


Magico warn in particular NOT TO TOUCH the beryllium/diamond tweeter. If it’s contacted, they want you to have a dealer box it up for return. They sound serious! (My A3s have the diamond tweeter, sans beryllium. I’m safe.)

If I turn it up anymore, my ears my bleed! lol

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Maybe that’s why mine din’t Visibly gather dust!

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My Allaes and SL2 drivers are naturally clear of dust.

I pinched one of my daughters long haired soft make up brush and very gently use that…