Speaker jumpers

I’m interesting in what people are doing with the speaker connections? I run Naim systems with Totem speakers, so use single speaker wires. I’ve always had them connected to the bottom speaker plugs and left the Totem wires as jumpers. Using the top connections always lacked weighted bass and were more extended in the treble.

I recall a confusing section on the Totem web site about trying different configurations, top, bottom or diagonal.

Now, I’m wondering whether I would be better to use actual jumpers with the same speaker wire - in my case Naim A5 with the Nova/Hawks and Superlumina with the 252/250/Forest Sigs.

What are others doing?

I use jumpers made of the same cable as my speaker cable.


You want some f jumpers made out of the naca.

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Mike for my ProAc D30RS speakers my dealer soldered a pair of jumper cables to the NAC A5

I have used the NAC A5 with my ProAC and ATC SCM 7 speakers.


I just use the wire connectors that came with my hawks with a diagonal connection to the speaker cable…


Ah, I’m just trying this. Are you black at the bottom and red at the top with the standard wire jumpers vertical?

What are you running with the Hawks - rather lovely speakers, very organic with a huge soundstage.

Yeah vertical numbers with red top and black bottom….

Yeah I like my hawks - the forests were just a bit too big for the space… though undoubtedly sounded better listening at RMC

System in front of them is
Nac82/Hcap/NAP155xs though I have a 250 in the post
No digital source - that’s next cab off the rank.

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Banana + Spades of same cable type.

I’ve always tended to amp to speakers via the bottom bass driver terminals. you can go top or diagonal to your own preference of course.


I’ll be interest how you get on with the 250 on the Hawks. I run mine off a Nova and never tried them with the SN2. One day, I’ll drag them downstairs to run of the 252/250 for fun.

To be honest the xs drives them fine, maybe just a tad unfocused at the low end but nothing I couldn’t have lived with - I gave into having matching boxes OCD though I’m sure the 250 will be a sonic improvement… the upgrade from 202/155 to 82/hcapdr/250 is only costing me $400 which given I was only looking for hicap to begin with is probably cheaper that just adding a hicap to my old set up…

I see the top good to be true $1000 250 on TM has been withdrawn!

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Since we use Superlumina speaker cables, and the price for naim 20cm jumpers at £1K is extortionate, we went with spade/banana Vertere Pulse jumpers at a far more reasonable cost (lightly used).

They are very well constructed and compared to SL are just a lighter shade of grey. SL to bass pins, jumpers to treble.

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Yes, I saw these mentioned in a closed thread, and I have Superlumina in my main system. I haven’t been able to find it on their web page or anywhere on-line, so I wonder whether it’s been discontinued? I should ask my dealer, as they are the NZ dealers for Vertere.

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Their range has certainly changed somewhat.

Looking at the Vertere website the redline speaker cables look closest to ours. They are based on Pulse-XS cable which, I think, are the jumpers we have.

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I’m using A5 in to the bottom terminals on my Spendors and the jumpers are what came with the speakers - no idea what it is but knowing Spendor it’s something reasonable. Ideally I’d prefer to use A5 as the jumpers but haven’t got around to making them up as yet. Have tried connecting to the top terminals directly but no discernible difference.

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If your Forests use the little skinny wires as in the picture below, you’d do well to get jumpers. The ideal for the NACA5 is to have an F connection made, which has a second set of plugs soldered on to the cable, the appropriate distance apart for the two sets of terminals.

That wouldn’t work for your SL cables of course. I’d therefore probably buy a set of A5 jumpers and try them on both speakers. If they work fine with the SL cables, just get another set to use with the A5. You can get something fancy to go with the SL but it’s another minefield. Maybe you can find some used SL jumpers for a sensible, or vaguely sensible, price.

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Yes, those are exactly the wires I currently have. I’ll see if I can track down a set of A5 jumpers. Then the next mine field will be diagonal or not with the main plugs….

SL jumpers have been on our “at some point” list for a while.

I’ve only ever seen one used set on the common auction site, and because I don’t routinely look we missed then chance to bid. I recall they went for £550 which, whilst still more than double what our Verteres cost, might have been worth it to scratch the itch.

Now that our electronics have changed I think a 300DR and better speakers are a higher priority than replacing perfectly good Vertere jumpers!

p.s. Vertere cable looks exactly like SL, just a different colour. Do Vertere supply the cables to naim for SL?

I believe the position is that Vertere don’t supply Naim, but the two cables may come from the same cable manufacturer. Of course, just because they look similar doesn’t mean that they necessarily are similar.

ah ok. There certainly looks to be some “commonality” especially in the covering - the lightly dimpled effect is astonishingly similar between our two cables just different greys. Pulse-XS is very slightly narrower, and of course internal construction and conductors likely completely different.

We’ve always been very very happy with the Pulse jumpers, both in terms of matching look and construction quality.


This is mine, with Witch Hat Phantom. It’s nice to have the cables and jumpers matching.