Speaker please

Hi. All. Any good ideas please.
I have presently a naim nait 3 with a recently obtained cd5i.
I’ve had a nice pair of royd sapphires for eons! Bought at graham’s years ago. I believe these speakers should be sited close to walls.
Due to the set up and my living room that is impossible. I’ve got them on a a pair of Linn khan stands with Linn 20 cable to speakers.
Would it be a good idea to look for some some speakers that would work with my set up that are better sited away from walls. Only small speakers that would go on my stands. Nothing that is too expensive and would not mean I am buying reels of speaker cable. Thanks all.

You don’t say what your budget is but I wonder if some Proac Response DB1’s might be worth a listen? ATB

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Give Harbeth M30.1 a try

The M30i are quite a size and to get the best out of the much smaller P3ESR a bigger amp than a Nait 3 would be needed (I have a pair of P3ESR)

I think the suggestion of the Proac DB1 or PMC DB1 (Dinky Box?) would be a good one depending on budget or if the budget will stretch how about a small pair of PMC standpoints ?

The OP doesn’t say what sort of music is preferred or budget , but I am sure there are quite a few easy matches

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Can you define “too expensive” ?

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Thanks. Well I don’t know much about speakers but would just like to chuck something on the end of the Linn cable without too much trouble.
My Royds are nice and clear but its recommended to perform close to wall which is impossible for my room layout. I mean hit me! How much for something that would mean not much chew.

Although they are recommended to be close to the wall it sounds as though you are still enjoying your Royds. If you like the sound of them ignore recommendations about positioning - in the end it’s all about how they sound to you. And save yourself some money!

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Thanks. Yes. GrahamS said years ago, royds were due, to their characteristics, ideal for Naim. They are nice. Walnut. I believe well thought of by naim.
I don’t fancy shelling out too much to put these in the spare bedroom due to money restraints.
It’s just says, they should be sited near a wall for optimum performance. Bass.

If bass sounds fine to you then there is no problem.

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Thanks. Very kind. Yes some of the speakers unfortunately are out of my price bracket, even exceed my total system cost! I’m still grateful for their input though.

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B&Ws maybe? The 607s are good and sensible money

Cheers thanks. I’ll check them out!

If it sounds nice and clear - it is nice and clear.

Once the seed of doubt has been sown …

Yes. I get you. I listen to a lot of female singing. All sounds nicely paced and rhythmic.

The reason it’s recommended to put the Royds near a wall is to maximise the depth of their bass response. How far exactly from the wall do you have them? If they are say a metre out then a Harbeth P3ESR might work.

The most important thing is that they sound ok to you. Royds are good speakers and I’d be wary about moving from them too hastily.

The limiting factor in your system is probably the CD player. With the Nait and the Royds a CDX 2 or CDS2/XPS wouldn’t be inappropriate.

To guide people in their suggestions it might be useful for you to tell us your budget.

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Yes thanks. Not ideal. They are in a bay window. Mind you they sound very nice. Much better than my old arcam diva 92 which failed. The naim cd5i is far better sounding than that player. Cheers.

Perhaps consider the B&W 707 s2. I really like the new continuum drivers, and they work away from the wall. They’ve gotten good reviews, including ones where they were paired with Naim amplification. If you can stretch try the 706 or even the 705 with their tweeter on top.
(I have the 702’s with a Star)

The KEF LS50 I could recommend, and can nowadays be found at good discounts, but I’m not sure the Nait3 will drive them. But if you have a chance to audition, why not try?

I do admit I’m not sure how modern Naim amplification compares to older like your Nait 3.

If this is all out of your budget, above the 600 series have been mentioned. I haven’t heard these myself, but as the also have the continuum driver now I think it’s worth auditioning.

The main enclosure of Linn Tukans is the same as the Kan. It has an additional panel at the front that will stick out an inch. They have a rear firing port so tend to like a bit of space behind. Never tried them a Nait 3 though but they can boogie. I think they go for about £150 - £200. There are a couple of magazine reviews available online, Stereophile and Ken Kessler as I recall.

Oh linn speakers. Thanks.

In that case, clarity is really important .

I would perhaps still look at the PMC DB 1 - or Spendor A1 , something small