Speaker Positioning

This topics probably been throughly discussed…
And apologies in advance. But I honestly can’t believe how much difference it makes! If you spend a bit of time with the same song (Hozier work song done it for me)…
Move em around & test it… I’m amazed!
it’s like a free upgrade!!

This thread is worth reading (hyperlinked): Speaker placement guide

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That’s the one I used…

There is a lot more info and many more approaches than just the Cardas in the thread…

I’m strictly not a fan of moving them around independently and individually to find a solution.
As the next time listening I might not be so sure I am in the same listening position to fully appreciate the effort.
To this end I set up a jig on the floor using something that’s easily repeatable - some old glass hifi shelves, coaster mats - anything that is of the same size that you should have multiples of.
Sitting on the floor in a mirror arrangement as a guide to get both speakers symmetrical perpendicular to the listening axis.
That way, when happy with everything just simply return on a later listening session seated so both speakers look like your in the middle.
If from an unfortunate skirmish with the vacuum cleaner or other random misadventures one can simply rejig it.

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