Speaker Recommendations please 18m2 room?

Hello all, I’m looking for recomendations for speakers for my 18m2 lounge.

I’m currently running SN3 into Monitor Audio Gold 300 5g, with Rel T9 sub.

I feel the speakers are probably too big.

I listen to a lot of orchestral and big band music.
I suppose mid is fairly important to me.

I went with the MAs because of their presence in the mids. I felt they projected soundstage well.

The only smaller speakers I’ve really evaluated at home were Dali Rubicon 5 and I didnt get on with them.

Nothing wrong with them, I just felt the sound lacked scale.

Thanks in advance.

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There are the Harbeth p3’s which I’d have chosen if my room were smaller will admit some people think they lack bass, others don’t I think it depends what you listen to and are expecting (Edit: your sub probably solves the bass issue and the mids especially vocals are great). The russel k red 50 might be worth a try. There are the neat petite classic or iota alpha’s. I also like the Fyne audio f500sp. I think any of these are worth a demo and I’m sure others will have great suggestions.


What makes you think that they are probably too big?

Same question as HH.

And to assist with any suggestions, it would be a good idea to give more details of the room as the area alone is a bit meaningless – length, width, height, anything odd about it? Budget? If you’re not happy with your present speakers have you tried playing with positioning of them and the listening position?

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Your room must surely be bigger than 18m2?

I recommend a pair of LS3/5As, bought S/H off Fleabay, or new from Falcon.

Why must it? 18m2 is not small at all. My room is 16m2 and I’ve accommodated SL2s very happily.

6m x 3m was a common lounge size in new builds in the noughties, I don’t know if still the case. A previous house of mine, built in 1820s, had two main living rooms about 3.6m x 5m (and my IMF RSPMs played very well in one of them)

Surely we need to talk in cubic metres rather than square?

The floor space, as measured for carpet fitting is 4.78m x 3.63m

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Hi, floor is 3.73m wide x 4.78m long, room height 2.5m.
I am very limited as to the position of the speakers.
Pictured is a pair of Martin Logans which i didnt keep. As you can see there is a fireplace and the alcoves are in use for furniture.

Budget is £4500-£6000

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This really will be Try Before You Buy if you can.

I’d suggest Neat Xplorers like the ones I am listening to now might well suit, as might a couple of their other floorstanders. You might find that they made the subs redundant too.

I suspect that any ATC or Spendor options will need more space around them than really fits that room, but users of those excellent brands may disagree.

As a less common suggestion, you might find Fyne fit what you want surprisingly well.

If that elegant floor is bouncy, a set of Isoacoustic Gaias (or equivalent rival feet) would be well worth trying too. In 2 houses they have given a material upgrade for not much money.

Good luck!


+1 for Xplorers, walnut ones will fit amazingly and I’m sure they won’t disappoint.


Thank you.
At the minute the Fyne Audio Classic VIII are on my radar, but I’d welcome any other Fyne suggestions you have (no pun intended)!

I’m going to listen to a Naim speaker on Friday and I’ve noticed they have a Dali Epicon 2 in, so hopefully I’ll get a listen to that too.

I’m also interested in Buchardt S400 Mk2.

I think from a quick re-evalution I’d be in a position to go to £2500 immediately.
My upper budget area would probably require more planning.

I haven’t listened to any standmounts/bookshelves yet, and I’m considering that I might have missed a trick here.

That said, I had a pair of Dali Rubicon 5s (smaller floorstanders) briefly and felt they lacked presence.

This may be a tough nut to crack!

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EBay and dealer’s ex-dem listings will be your friends once you know what you want…

Ex-dem or secondhand would give you more buying power, wherever in your budget range you go to.

Regarding room, is that photo one of the narrower walls, unusually with fireplace at the end not side of the room? I ask because it doesn’t look like 4.78m to me. What is the rest of the room like?

Hi, 4.7 is the length of the room, as measured for carpet, so that includes the alcoves next to the fireplace.

Ok, thanks - it just looks less in the pic. When I had a room of similar dimensions - actuall a touch longer and narrower, I had my speakers (big IMFs) close to one end ‘firing’ down the room, to very good effect, but the end of the room behind thd speakers had an angled bay window so the distance behind wasn’t constant.

Those Fyne Classic VII are way above that budget :slight_smile:

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Can we see a picture with your Monitor Audios, to give a better idea? Is that the only place possible? If a room reorganisation is possible then you may be able to have the speakers on the left hand wall.

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The Boenicke W5 standard model fits in that price range.

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