Speaker spikes - Penny/Chips/Skeets/Etc

So i currently have Atacama floor protectors under my Focal speaker stands on hard wood floor, prior to that I sued 1p under each spike - from memory i don’t think the Atacama made much difference (but where left overs from prior speakers and Atrcama stands).

I am considering Naim chips or Linn Skeets (i prefer the black finish, matches stands), any thoughts or comparisons in terms of sonic benefit vs the two.

Well I’ve used PMC chips, Linn Skeet and Krypton spike shoes. The latter being the best by far.

Skeet are great for positioning speakers because they slide the best of all smooth over wood. The Krypton win hands down. Sheer mass combined with an inset silicon ring. It deforms when downward force is applied and itself takes none of the load. But it provides lateral friction that prevents movement once ib place.

I always use Skeet for positioning, and Krypton for the final job.

I went for the skeets… a reasonable price and looks were the primary reasons. I compared against 10p pieces and couldn’t hear any difference. SWMBO preferred the looks of the skeets… they match the SCM40 black speakers. I put a piece of double sided tape under each foot to stop the speakers moving around on the floor :wink:

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yes coins also work fine. I used 1 yen coins for 3 years. But as coins are not flat, they left a coin imprint on my wood floor.

Thansk guys, not heard of the Krypton ones will have a search.

Obsydian, why not directly put something like iso acoustics gaia under your speakers, instead of the spikes? A lot here reported high benefits.



I use skeets under my speakers onto a stone floor. In the past I’ve used pennies and carriage bolts. I am wondering how springy your floor is? If it’s stable than any of the above suggestions would work. If it has some give I would consider screwing carriage bolts into the floor joists and balancing your speakers on them (they are easy to adjust if the floor is uneven). Of course this assumes you own your house / apartment as landlords don’t generally take kindly to holes in the floor!

I use some Herbies Gliders under my Thiels in a third floor appartment (this is a second system in a second home). After installing them and fitting the out riggers to the speakers the system sounded really harsh with piercing piano but it mellowed out nicely given a few weeks to settle. It could have been the gliders bedding in or the speakers didn’t appreciate being on their sides to fit the outriggers, I think the former. I chose the gliders to try and reduce the chance of upsetting the people in the flat below and I’ve not had any complaints, they also make for easy speaker position adjustment, possible too easy.

I believe they have to be ordered from Japan. They do several sizes increasing the mass loading and cost. I had a picture on the old forum but can’t find the thread.

When I first bought a pair of naim nbl speakers, I tried using coins between the integral spikes and timber floor. They sounded terrible and I thought I would have to off load the speakers. I then tried naim chips and this made a huge improvement. No idea why but I was delighted with the improvement - high frequency screeching was immediately removed from the presentation created using coins. Peter at Cymbiosis kindly sent me a loan set to enable me to make the comparison (and help alleviate my mild panic!).

I haven’t tried the iso acoustic bases referred to above - presumably dealers are prepared to lend these out as their cost is not inconsiderable - particularly if your speakers are circa 100kg.


I did look at the GAIA a whileback, they are not recommended for stand mount speakers.

I came across the blue horizon spike shoes, as could not find anything with the Krypton name …

ah ok, i thought you had floorstanders.

I use Naim Allae"s on a suspended wooden floor. Have tried different spike shoes and coins but not chips or skeets.
Found some square pieces of slate almost identical measurement of the footprint of the Allae’s. Four small blobs of Blu-Tak under slates and Allae’s on top, job done sounds great!
Cheap as chips (pun intended)

I have Herbies gliders under my Kudos Titans
I have also uses Naim chips
They both work well but the gliders make it super easy to slide the speakers around on a hard wood floor with zero damage to the floor. Sliding the chips on wood floors more difficult and can scratch the floor. Herbie`s are cheap which is also nice

+1 on Herbie’s Audio Lab. I have the excellent spike decoupling gliders under my Neats. At $17 each, they’re a bargain.

Yes just been looking for herbies but diffult to source in the UK

You buy them directly from the manufacturer, herbies audio lab dot com. Please note that I am not connected in any way with Herbies, other than having made a purchase myself.

:small_blue_diamond:I read several posts,where some write that they glide more easily on the floor etc, etc…
But nothing about how they sound.

:black_small_square:Those who give the best soundquality is the most important thing for me,…nothing else.
I/we,.have tested Linn Skeet against Naim Chips,.that’s what the OP is asking for.
The short answer is,…Naim Chips are musically distinctly better.

Below how Naim Chips look like on the above and below side.
They are made of stainless steel,and have a completely different design and material choice than Linn Skeet.




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at that price, they should not rust…
mine have not rusted after several years