Speaker spikes - Penny/Chips/Skeets/Etc

I am replying to a comment by obsydian, not to you in your tiresome role as forum cop.


:small_blue_diamond:Davidf,…I agree with you,but in reality they look fine.
But in the picture here they look awful.


:small_blue_diamond:Bhoyo,…What are you talking about :thinking:

I have not responded to your post at all.?
I ignore your comment and so we leave this.


Peder, Obsydian wrote “ chips, Skeet, ETC”, so not only chips vs skeet.
However it doesn’t justify someone to be rude. And Bthoyo should be aware that he is not chatting in a private conversation with somebody, but in an open forum.

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I know exactly where I’m “chatting.” And I’m sure you know exactly what I meant.

take some drink or breathe a bit Bhoyo. This forum is for fun and pleasure first.

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Could you possibly be a bit more patronising?

how about Isoacoustics Aperta for stand month speakers. Here a photo with Focal speakers.

you prefer me to be nasty?

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@frenchrooster Do you know what those bass cones are made from ? Looks interesting, almost like the cloth on my sofa !

It’s irony Bidder66? If yes, i can just answer that these Isoacoustic Aperta have a lot of praise in the audio community.
If no, the response is above.

:small_blue_diamond:Frenchrooster,…:smiley:,.Now I saw :+1:t2:.

I looked not so closely at the headline.


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Thanks guys.

My Focals are mounted on the Focal stands, a bolting process.

The Herbies work out more than Chips.

At the moment I’m considering the Skeets and the Blue Horizon spikes older design but a thumbs up from Hifi Choice.

Chips I have discounted mainly due to the colour, silver with black stands and a dark walnut floor dont work.

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@frenchrooster no it most definitely was not sarcasm or irony, I am genuinely interested to know what they are made from, they look very different.

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Hi Biddler,

the cones in the first two pictures look like the Flax composite ones from Focal. Not knowing what your sofa looks like, you may have something pretty similar.

@Mulberry thanks very much for your help. I was just doing a bit of googling. Pretty interesting, They look very different. Probably not as many stains as my sofa I think …

sorry Biddler66, i misunderstood what you said. Thought you were sarcastic.
Isoacoustics products seem to be not very expensive and with good results. Some here use isoacoustics gaia under floorstanders.
The Aperta is recommended by Focal for their stand mount speakers.
You have some demos on youtube if you want to see, it’s easier to see how they are built.

what is sofa? in french language it’s a bed where you can also sit. I thought it was a universal term…


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The bottom of my stands are flat and I use thin, 3mm thick sorbothane discs where the spikes should be. I also cut some clear plastic sheet to put under the sorbothane which lets the speakers slide easily. I’ve tried thicker than the 3mm and also felt pads but both resulted in a loss of bass definition.
My speakers sound fuller without spikes so it’s worth experimenting to see what’s best for you.