Speaker upgrade - Kudos Titan 606?

Hi all,

I’m looking for some advice on my planned speaker upgrade. Financially I was thinking more mid to later this year, but seeing a very nice pair of used Kudos Titan 606s at an almost (for me) affordable price has got me thinking.

My room isn’t large - about 4.6m by 3.5m and 2.4m high - and currently the speakers play along the room, as dictated by the position of the door mid way along one longer wall, and with a window at the far end. So my plan was to audition mid range floor standers, such as Spendor D7.2 (which I liked when I heard them demonstrated on my NC kit), Kudos S20a etc. but maybe going used I could step up further?

So would Kudos Titan 606s be overkill in my room? As it’s a new build all the walls are plasterboard but well insulated, but I wonder if it will be too reflective and if the increased bass would be too much.

I know that the 606s are popular on here and work well with Naim NC kit. But if I buy used it may not be possible to audition prior to purchase. I could set up a store demo with my dealer but it seems somewhat cheeky if I don’t intend to buy from him. A home demo even more so.

The room isn’t a problem, rather it’s whether or not you like their sound. It’s a lot to spend without a home demo, so make sure they are cheap enough to sell on if you don’t like them.

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FWIW I am looking to replace the speakers attached to my Nova. I tried a few things and for me I preferred the 505’s over the 606’s. But as HH says above it is all about what YOU think of the sound. As many will comment speakers are a very personal thing.


So I am actually in the middle of home demoing 606s in my room. My current speakers are Kudos S20A which I’ve just re-configured to running active via Linn Selekt DSM. I did run Naim NC kit before (222 powered by 300 going to NC250) into the Kudos S20A and it sounded, to me anyway, pretty good. I then did a demo with my dealer of the 606s. Demo included Linn Select DSM (active config), Naim setup as I had (passive) and a Naim setup including 333 and 332 into NC250 (passive). For me the Linn active was the better of the systems. YMMV. Additional benefit was reducing my box count from what I had before with no loss of music enjoyment. So I’m now at home with a new Linn box (active config) demoing 606s in my room. Note I did run the Linn system with S20A for three weeks to get used to the Linn presentation. Whilst I did like the Linn active into the S20A, and could easily stay with them, the 606s have just that bit more that I like in terms of presentation. I am just going to confirm with my dealer to see if we can agree a deal.

As an aside I live in a fairly new boxy type house. Room is similar to yours, 5m by 3.4m and 2.3m high - and currently the speakers play along the room, as dictated by the position of the door mid way along one longer wall, with a window at the far end short wall and twin door access to dining room on opposite short wall. No room treatment. Speakers are not a problem although room layout etc may play a part. Their footprint is not that different to S20A or very similar to the 505 when on stands.

As others have said many times on this forum a home demo is recommended if possible. I did see some pre-loved 606s for sale from a dealer who may just be close to you if your profile suggests a location. Personally I would give them a call and see what is possible. But as @HungryHalibut says it what you think of the sound at the end of the day.

Apologies in advance for length of reply.


The size and dimensions of your room won’t be a problem but as others have said, it would be a good idea if you at least heard some first. I personally love them, end game speakers for me and yes, they will work well with the Naim kit you have.

As a suggestion, why don’t you arrange a dem of a pair at your dealer and perhaps buy a new set of Kudos speaker cables if you decide you like them?

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I was thinking along those lines, so a good suggestion. Thanks.

No problem with the length and thanks for taking the time to respond :grinning:.

As expected, the main advice is to hear them first. I’ll speak to the vendor and see if that’s an option. If not, then maybe be honest with my dealer and see if they will oblige.

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Assume the vendor is not your normal dealer. Not sure who your dealer is but the retailer where I saw the Ex demo (New?) 606s was based just outside Leeds going north. Maybe too far? Personally I’ve never used them, too far from where I live so I can’t comment on them as dealers. They do Naim as well.

Good luck with the conversations.

No, not my regular dealer.

I think you must be looking at another deal. The trader I’m in discussions with is based west of Leeds.

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I know that dealer “just outside Leeds going North” and I can see the Kudos Titan 606 speakers advertised online (brand new and boxed). Very knowledgeable and they have some very nice kit. I would be surprised if the dealer wouldn’t allow a home demo, assuming it’s not too far.

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Yes - Naim dealers I’ve spoken to are all helpful types. I’d certainly try a call.

Here we go again
Think you have already seen my thread „kudos 606 for olives“.
Have gone the 606 route end of January.
First change of speaker within 35 years for me.

You need to do a home demo. Speakers do bring a different presentation.
After 6plus weeks with 606 I can say (compared with by SBL I had before).
606 are a bit darker in presentation. This has the same effect as with photography, when pull down the brightness a bit - or with having an oled tv.

  • there is more colour
  • more depth
  • more separation and ability to pinpoint each instrument
  • more dynamic
  • more Detail (comes with separation)
  • less detail in the darker spectrum of the music playing a bit deeper in the room
  • voices less singing direct in front of you.
  • bass and energy are so nice
  • foot tapping is great
  • sound is relaxed

Overall a very fine speaker # easy to locate in your room.

Give it a try

Can thoroughly recommend the 606s.


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Must agree been using them for over 5 years and they still put a smile on my face.

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Nice, if not nicest colour too :grinning:.


They are amazingly revealing speakers. My only warning is that as they are so revealing, they are very sensitive to small changes (small positional changes, power, cables dressing, room dressing/shape etc).

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Great thing about purchasing previously owned audio is you can resell with little to no loss if things don’t work out.

Can you elaborate a little. Most of the info I have read seems to indicate that positioning of 606s is relatively easy. Kudos guide indicates, no toe-in, circa 2m apart if possible and around 2-3 meters to listening position on centre line and about 20-45 cm from rear wall.

Additional tips appreciated.

Yes, so if you don’t follow those guidelines, they might not sound their best! Some speakers you might not hear the difference between 20cm to 30cm from a wall but these speakers you do. The soundstage changes dramatically when you play with toe-in or 1.5m to 2m apart etc

I would think some speakers are more forgiving with all this?

They are pretty easy to place and get a good sound, but, as with any speaker, the final preferred location will require a little experimentation. I certainly found them easier than some previous speakers.

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