Speakers for 500 series

Martin Colloms system: Nds/555dr. Townsend Allegri/ 500dr.
Magico S5.

Hi @frenchrooster
Would that be Martin Collom’s personal system? How do you know?

I am reading regularly Hificritic magazine. Here the review of DCS network bridge mentioning MC system:

“subsequently travelled over to MC’s home for a spot of listening, with Townshend Allegri pre-amp, Naim NAP500DR power amplifier and the Magico S5 MkII speakers, which gave a sound that was very different to what I hear at home through my B&W 802 D2s. “

Thanks @frenchrooster. That’s quite an endorsement for that speaker.

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We’ve been home cooking for Thanksgiving and listening to music a lot. My wife, unsolicited, blurted out, “These speakers are so good. Why would you ever think of changing them?” (Magico A3). That’s a pretty good endorsement, as she loves music too but not the ‘slight obsession with hardware’ part of it.

I told her the only thing I’m thinking of is next-up-the-ladder Magicos (when we move we’ll have a bigger room) and that seemed to go over ok.


Sounds like Magico A5’s are in store for you…Nice!

Current plan is to trade the A3’s towards A5’s when we move. Although used S5MkII are about the same price.

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So Bart, can we assume you have auditioned the A5 at the local dealer? If so, how would you describe the sound vs. other Magico speakers of your experience?

I actually havent. I went and listened to S3MkII and M2. I’ll probably do a home audition in the new home of the A5’s. Our local dealer’s rooms are so “dead” I can’t really tell, there, if there will be some issue with them in my home. I’ll probably have to pay them to bring the A5’s over, but I believe they’ll apply that to the purchase.

Everything I read about the A5’s is consistent and given my enjoyment of the A3’s I can’t imagine I’ll have an issue. If there was any issue maybe it’d be bass boom?? Unlikely given their design, but I’ll still pay them to bring them by.

And I’ll wait until we are in the new home; who knows, the A3’s may be perfectly suitable there!

@Bart are you considering the S5MkIIs, I know you listened to the S3’s.

It’s been suggested before, but definitely have a listen to WIlson Audio. The match with Naim is brilliant.

I’m considering them as they come up for sale on the used market at about the same price as the A5’s new. If I found the right pair I might go for them. They offer the additional ‘feature’ that they are not black monoliths, but ‘come in colors.’

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Bart… is there a ProAc dealer in your area?

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Not that I can ever find – I’d have to reach out to the distributor to ask (TSO)

For those of us living in the states it is impossible to do home demos unless you live close to a dealer that you have developed a relationship. Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to: (1) Magic S3, 5s, and 7s (2) ProAc K6 signatures and k8s, (3) Wilson Sasha and Alexia, (4) Kudos 808, etc… Most of us are lucky to hear one on demo. It seems the standard practice with most dealers is buy the one you “think” you want and if you hate it then they will allow trade in on another speaker. That’s pretty much best case scenario if you live 400 miles from the nearest dealer.


Agreed. I live very close to a Magico dealer. And I like the speakers. So that’s 2 in the “plus column” for me. (They sell Rockport too, if I were so interested.)

Home demo of Kudos can be possible; you have to work with the dealer, but he is quite good to work with. I home demoed the 606’s from 900 miles away. But we have a long-standing relationship.

I’m totally convinced that there are several speakers/brands I’d be very happy with. Not being able to try them all is just a bit of reality.


This is a very good and complete speaker 22Hz to >20.000Hz
Musically, tight deep bass, very good mid and sparkling high (i don’t know if it is correct english :slight_smile: )

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See: DIY with naim :) (are there more ? )

How did you like the 606 and how does it compare against your A3?

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