DIY with naim :) (are there more ? )

From the systems pics here my separate DIY pic of the building proces of my speakers for my SN2+NDX.

It’s the Vifa Vivace 2012 model.

Post here more DIY project (pictures :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ) + name / model



Hi, wow! Was this a ready to build kit or you have cut the cabinets yourself?

Impressive work! …what do they sound like?

This was ready to build. The other sets (systempics) i cut it by my self. Big job.

They sound great. Detail, bass, huge, etc… perfect!! :blush:

Rob, that looks like a very well done and satisfying project. However, I would advise anybody else wishing to contribute to this thread to please ensure you abide by forum rules; DIY discussion is heavily moderated, particularly with regard to electronics and of course, any discussion involving DIY work on Naim kit strictly forbidden. And remember, no unauthorised commercial web links here in the hifi corner. Thanks.

Amazing work Rob
I would be ready proud to have made something as nice as that…well done

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very well done !

and thanks for taking the trouble to post pics here…

People looking for value ( better sound at lesser price ) in the speakers department - DiY can be a way out but its not so easy and will test your time and patience.

Cheers !

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