Speakers for C B

Whst new or vintage speakerd would you recommend for a restored use with a CB 72 Hicap 140 ?

Epos ES 14 would be great if you can get your mits on a good pair.


Naim nSats if you can find them - great on their dedicated stands


Kans/Saras/Briks if using a Valhalla/Lingo pre-Cirkus LP12

Royds, Rega Ela …

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Wharfedale E 50, wake your neighbors.

I have a pair of Acoustic Energy AE1 mk1 on their dedicated stands with my C B NAC12s & NAP160 and I find that they work great. For a small speaker they carry some punch, good clarity are solidly built. They are also of the same era so there is a harmony with it.

Naim Allae’s fit into the theme, should work very well and are a bargain nowadays.

Speakers are such a personal choice
Room size and distance placed to rear wall ?
Budget ?
Used or new
Floorstander or bookshelf ?
These speakers questions are asked almost on daily basis around various forum and FB, but difficult to answer seriously really.

I use a pair of Neat Iotas with a CB 32.5 / NAP120. They work well together and are surprisingly good given their size.

I was thinking that I want speakers made to the BBC Ls 3/5a like Chartwell, Falcon or others. Anyone have something similar?

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I have some new Spendor Classic 4/5s that are powered by a CB Nait 2. They are pretty easy to drive despite the specs (ProAc Tab10s needed a lot more grunt) and sound sublime IMO.

You need to have a listen obviously but worth an audition.

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Or Linn Kans… Which are the same size as the LS3/5A, but with different drivers.

Gordon, are you saying you have a Chrome Bumper NAC72??

I suspect the heading should really be ‘Speakers for Olive’…

My first Naim system - which really was CB - was a 42/snaps/110. After three months I swapped the 110 for a 250, which really make my Mk 1 Kans sing. Those were the days. It’s amazing what little speakers can do with a bit of power up them.

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Very similar here - about 9 months to add the 250.

My then dealer had a scheme where if you swapped something within three months you could get all your money back, less the VAT, hence the speed of doing it. I’m a huge believer in driving speakers well - hence 250 for Kans or SBLs. You can get away with less but you just don’t get that sense of control.

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Are you saying your SN3 don’t have enough power for your speakers ?

That’s an odd question. I’ve not mentioned my amplifier or speakers. They have nothing to do with this thread.

Sounds weird Richard ! 72 never came in CB to my knowledge😳