Speakers for NAP 100

Hello everyone, I’m a newbie in a Naim world so I hope for an experts’ advice.

I’m looking for a bookshelf speakers for my NAP 100 and have these on my list:

Neat Motive SX3 (new) £600
ProAc tablette reference 8 signature (used) £850
Harbeth P3ESR (used) £700
or maybe you have some other suggestions around that price range? Of course I know I have to listen to them before buying, but I’m asking in terms of impedance\sensitivity since 50W is not very much power to bring the speakers to a full potential.

I have Bowers & Wilkins 606 which I like, but I feel that I can do better by stepping up with a speakers.

NAP 100 page recommends Focal Aria 900 (906 I suppose) but they are a bit pricey for me (£1200 here).

Any help much appreciated.

I would suggest kef ls50 and then you have a good list already with the neat/proac/harbeth. Now you need to listen they are all different but at least 1 should suit you.

I used to have a pair of Guru Juniors with my NAP 100 which was a fantastic match.


I wish I could find them Gurus, not available here at all.

Thanks for your reply, but LS50’s design is not my thing at all)

Whether it makes sense to change speakers is also depending on your source / pre which is not mentioned.

Available on the Guru website with returns policy.

I’d seriously consider some Q Acoustics 3030i Bookshelf speakers. Easy to drive, well made, sound fantastic and easy on the wallet.

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Sorry, I forgot that and couldn’t find the Edit option, it’s a PC with Naim DAC V1 via USB.

Do you mean bookshelf, as in sitting on a shelf with back to wall, or even completely surrounded by books and similar, or do you mean standmount, on stands usually some way out from wall? The suitability of speakers may well be different according to which.

Right, but I can afford only used ones. New are a bit too much.

I mean standmounts to be exact.

Another for your list, Russell K Red 50.

I auditioned them with a group of others (from 750 to 1500€) upon buying my UQ2 and where by far , the best.

Wow, they look nice, but crazy expensive here, £1200+

I’m almost close to go with Neats. £600 for new ones is a good deal I think. But will give it an audition before buying of course.

Thank you very much everyone for your input, much appreciated.

Thanks, I hope I can arrange a listen on a used market.

If I were you … I would take a listen of the new LS50 meta…

Like I said before, LS50’s design is a strong NO for me)

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Yes. Not for me either. I had a wtf moment in my audition. ( too much simbilance).

OK… understand…you are more of Kan man…so PMC could suit or the Tablet Signatures… However the meta 50s are quite significantly different … league apparently…watch the Audiophillac on the meta