Speakers or boxes

Hi guys, posting for a friend…

My mates current system is
NAC 202 NAP 200 + Hicap
Unity serve & DAC
Neat momentum speakers
Naim power lines & HiLine

He’s come in to a bit of money (5,5k) and wants to upgrade his speakers to the neat Orkestras…

I’ve suggested that rather than buy the speakers he should keep the momentum’s and he sells the power lines nac 202 nap 200, combine the money and try to find a second hand (at a squeeze)
NAC 282
NAP 250

He’s adamant about the speakers being a big upgrade. Where’s as I think source & amps and speakers later

Wonder what you guys think?


I’d let him do what he wants. It’s his money. There is nothing worse than a friend telling you what to do. Just be happy for him.


Haha. He won’t listen to me anyway!! but my thinking is that the neats will go down in price and he could pick up a second hand pair for half the price in a few years time…

Soz he also has a napsc

Agree with your thinking Andy - source first always, speakers later

What momentum’s out of curiosity ?

ps on the dac (just whispering)

Neat Momentum are available in different forms. Which does he have?
If they are SX5i floor standers, if it were my system, I’d probably go for the amp upgrade personally.

You are right of course: your suggestion will make his system genuinely better, whereas his will merely make it different. But it’s not worth bothering about. If he really wanted advice he’d sign up here and ask for himself.

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Very Very true and wise words

Which Momentum speakers does he have? The Momentum speaker line are not to be sniffed at and I’m not sure the Orkestras would be an upgrade. If anything, I think his current system might be a bit “over speakered”.

Not sure about the momentum type…

They’re about 10yrs old if that helps

Are they floor standers or stand mounts?
If stand mounts, your friend might prefer the scale of floor standers. If floor standers, I’m not sure the Orkestras will bring much of an improvement.
In real terms, speakers haven’t improved all that much in the past 10 years IMHO. (With a few exceptions)

Floor standers…

I doubt he’ll (or she’ll) see (or hear) much of an improvement but, if he fancies them and can home audition, why not :slight_smile:

The Orkestra’s look to be the new version of the old floor standing Momentum & similarly have isobaric bass units, so will probably be a similar drive load.
A NAP200 would not be my choice for a power amp with both, a 250 at least, but if the 200 has up to date satisfied the Momentum owner … his choice

Thanks for your advice guys…

I’ll let him know…

Hope he does boxes :joy:

I don’t know the specific speakers (and tgere appears to be more than one model called “Momentum”), however in my view and experience it is highly beneficial to get speakers that suit the individual’s preference for sound character. All speakers sound different, with much greater effect on character than any other component. And sadly for anyone who likes bass to go deep, getting speakers that do that well inherently tends to cost a lot more than cutting it off (and can place greater demands on the listening room).

But it is very easy: make whatever suggestion you think might be better, or anything suggested by the forum, but say he really must go and listen for himself: compare your suggestions with his own thought (hearing the speakers with the amp he has).

If I had £5.5K to spend on speakers I’d be looking at secondhand or ex-dem to maximise buying power. - which if £5.5K new value is something that he really wants and finds suits, then gives money towards upgrading something else…

Hi guys, I am the friend that Andy is referring to in this post. After speaking to Andy for awhile re my dilemma he mentioned he would put a post on to get the forum’s thoughts on my quandary. I have been flat out at work and wasn’t in the position to do so at the time.

However, Andy has made a typo, the speakers in question are the original Neat Motive 1’s, NOT the Momentum’s. Agreed that Momentum to Orkestra would not the right upgrade path. However I have tried a Nac282 with extra Hicap on my current system and amazingly the difference was only subtle which led me to thinking that my speakers are the current weak link in my hifi chain. About 6 years ago I heard a pair of PMC 24’s on my current system and the difference was huge, bigger sound stage, more clarity etc, etc.

I have emailed Neat who assure me that the Orkestra’s are easy to drive and that my Nap200 is more than a capable amp. I am now awaiting a pair to demo.

Interested in hearing people’s thoughts on this but a already mentioned by others, the ears will decide!


Ah, that does rather change things. If your Dac is the Naim nDac, I do wonder whether getting a used XPSDR and a pair of Ekstras might be a better way forward. That would also set you up to move to an NDX2 should you want the improved functionality.

Thanks for your reply. Yes I have a Naim NDac. I have thought about that option however I only want to upgrade my speakers once in the foreseeable. I am hoping in the next 5-10 years or so to gradually upgrade to nac282, nap250, ndx 2 (or latest version then) and then add an xps. I don’t want to have to upgrade my speakers again….

I think you’ll be just fine with the Neats and your 202/200. More important I think is to find speakers that match your room acoustics, and if you can demo a couple of alternatives you may find something better.
If you have a friendly dealer or two willing to help you with this it will be easier. Alternatively you could buy used, but keep an open mind and be prepared to sell on and try something else until you are happy. Loudspeakers tend to depreciate more than Naim boxes so this can be a cost effective way to choose.
When it comes to buying the electronics, I would you start with the source and then the amp.