Speakerstands for DIY speaker (Faital 3wc-10) any recommondations?

Hello Everyone!

I just finished my DIY speaker build (Troels Faital 3wc-10). Pictures and a build report are following in the future :slight_smile:
So far the speakers are really nice! But I do had problems in the begining to get them running the way I wanted to… With the help of you guys they now work like a charm! More to come…

The speakers are finished now… but not so the speaker stands… actually one speaker is placed on a wooden boxe and the other one is on this metal couchtable.

I would like to finish the whole project so that I can switch off my head again :sweat_smile:

My question for you guys:

Can you recommend me a speaker stand for the faital 3wc?
taking the WAF into account the ideal height would be 20cm to max 25cm (Troels recommends about 35cm for ear height, but for my listening position this is not needed.)

The speakers are 32cm wide and 36cm deep.

I do like the design of the Linton speaker stands, but I think they are way to high for my speakers…

Can you recommend me any speaker stand which would fit? I can also go full custom but maybe there is already something out there which should fit :slight_smile:

I searched a lot in the internet but could only find a spendor stand aswell which looks nice but not in the right dimensions…

Many thanks!

PS: If I have to go full custom, can you give me any tipps like material, spikes, etc ? Since this is my first speaker and stand build I kind of lost with all the information out there :slight_smile:
Many thanks Guys!

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Troels seems pretty relaxed about stands, had you thought about making some? Your woodworking skills look more than up to it!

The Faital 3WC-12 build page has some diagrams that might help

I recommend to look at Harbeth stands. A bit in the spirit of those in the picture above .

I think the stands often recommended and associated as Harbeth stands are made by TonTräger, similar ones in the UK Broadcast Stands on Ebay. For DIY, an ability to cut mortice and tenon joints, hardwood of your choice, spike kits can be found at dealers like Falcon Acoustics, Russ Andrews. Between the speaker and stand, carbon fibre, blu-tak, sticky plastic dots.

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