System Pics 2023

I was about to ask the same question :grinning:

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Do you hear a loud “pop up” sound while switching between sources, also when muting/ unmuting?

I have actually not hooked up the amp yet to my speakers, still waiting for my DAC to come. I did email Naim support about the pop and received a great answer from Duncan:

"It is perfectly normal, and will not damage your speakers.

The pop you are hearing, is a micro discharge from on board storage capacitors. There will be a minute amount of energy lost when you start up a system, and again when you power down. This translates to the affectionately known “Naim thump”, and this is what you’re hearing.

It’s perfectly safe, please don’t worry."


Haven’t heard the Kendo Mario

I must ask my dealer , I’ll let you know

It’s not unique to Naim, my Roksan Attessa does it on Shut Down too.

Nice. There’s quite a few people with DIY builds on here. There’s a few dedicated threads like:

I also just built myself a pair of Troels Gravesen’s 3WC-15.

I hadn’t heard of the DIY Sound Group before, I’ll check it out.

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Well, couple of years ago my XS2 did pop sound as well… only too loud and was broken. :point_down:

In certain volume level, the pop sound is acceptable, indeed.

My still new Sonus Faber Minima Amator II making beautiful music in the evening.


Very nice speaker indeed. Enjoy.

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Until the next system downgrade… :wink:


Thank you Wilfried.

New here,…system:
Nait 2/sonneteer Byron/well tempered Simplex/Royd A7/SBL mk2


I longed for that CD player…great system, if only we had the opportunity to listen but I’m sure it sounds as good as it looks


Hi Marty,
It’s the most musical player I’ve ever listen too. The nait and royd’s brings me back to the sound where it just started. Also play with a sonneteer Alabaster and the SBL’s ,….better hifi less fun….


Just for you, order is restored. Out with the blanket, down with the Nova, and in with the new lamp. You were right, of course.


Living room is looking very inviting and comfortable, Nigel. Your DIY work looks indistinguishable from what I’d expect professionals to have completed.

Many threads we should open:

  • show us your lamp
  • show us your blanket
  • show us your system without blanket
  • with the lamp switched on
  • with the lamp switched off

You forgot, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…”


As long as you keep your socks on at all times, It’s all I ask :partying_face:


It looks like a lovely relaxing room to enjoy music in…