Spendor Statement loudspeakers

On a recent holiday near Cape Town I spent some time listening to a friend’s new system. In a large room he had a pair of Spendor ST (Statement) loudspeakers driven by Rotel 1590 pre and power amplifiers with a Cambridge streamer. I listened to familiar recordings via Tidal, the first time I have used Tidal myself.

I thought the sound quality was stunning. Wonderful open, airy, captivating music with excellent imaging and profound controlled bass.

It was way ahead of my own system and although the room probably helped, I do find myself wondering how those speakers might sound here at my place. I know Spendor doesn’t make them anymore, but I expect they can be found secondhand with patience.

Has anyone here tried using those or other top Spendor speakers with Naim amplification?



There is a comprehensive Naim - Spendor thread here: Naim and Spendor Thread

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Thank you. But that thread is talking about smaller Spendor speakers and doesn’t mention the ST at all. This sold at £7.5K a pair in the UK until discontinued a year or two back and is quite a lot of speaker for the money I think. I don’t know how they compare to the D9, except they are bigger.



There is a pair on the bay in London for £1,850 in a rather fetching piano black. They look rather nice.

Yes I saw that. They have been there for a couple of weeks at least. The ones I heard were piano black but with matching, highly figured, wood veneers on the front. They look fantastic although personally I would prefer not black.

I suspect that the fact that we were one end of an open plan room about 5m by 15m and 3m high will have contributed to the sound!



Blimey, sounds like a barn. I’m not sure the shiny black would be ideal for your house but you could always take a punt.

It was actually a modern house on five levels set into a hill. That was just one level. Not remotely barn like! Mostly glass in fact.



They do look nice don’t they. I’ve never seen or heard a pair before but lookswise I could definitely live with them.


Rather nice David…a wish you were here pic👍


This was the view from the window on the right…


Ho ho …and you got the music as well, nice one, have a great vacation👍

Unfortunately we came back home a week ago!

Oops…i know the feeling

Beautiful place and as you say, indeed 3 meter ceiling height is very favourable for a good hifi system acoustically. ATB Peter

I run Spendor classic 200 speakers with a 552/500 system. Very happy with the result, particularly for classical music, and the Rosewood finish is domestically pleasing. Room size approx 7.5 m x 3.6 m.

I haven’t heard the latest version, the 200Ti which has a redesigned crossover and new mid band speaker.

Well, go, and that with a simple Rotel 1590 Pre+Power and a Cambridge streamer… So, anyone would say that, in the end, away from the sophisticated electronics, the SQ issue lies fundamentally in a suitable room and, above all, in a speaker consistent with it…!

Luck and cheers.

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