SR Orange is the new Blue (UK Plug Fuses)

A while back I wrote about the pretty substantial upgrade from bog standard plug fuses, to the Synergistic Research (SR) Blue plug fuse.

Hearing of the new Synergistic Research Orange plug fuse I promptly ordered and set them running on 24/7 playback.

That said from the off a reasonable improvement clearly discernible over the SR Blue Fuse, vocals and sound stage most notable, but very warm sounding.

24hrs later the improvement was pretty jaw dropping, warmness gone, very analogue sounding, bass, dynamics, vocals, micro dynamics a major step up.

So nearly a week on now and more detail is unraveling, all in all very emotional, bass just has so many layers.

SR products normally take 200hrs to break in, I found it is very up and down, but with the Orange it seems a big wallop, then setting everything in order.

Music sounds so natural and sure footed, PRaT is off the scale, I haven’t yet but feel I will turn the volume 1 or 2 clicks down.

For me the SR does not give a signature, it just lays bare and unpeels everything.

Will report back after the 200 hr break in mark, but currently the Orange fuse truly blows away any upgrade I have experienced.


Hi Obsydian, what piece of kit are you using it on?

Hi Gazza, Nova and Innuos Zenith Server, Blue and now Orange.
Forget the Cisco 2960, Fraim, fancy power cables, ethernet, the fuses blow them all away.

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groan! :joy: :joy:


Yes groan from me too, may have to try in the new year.:+1:

Very interesting. The blue ones are great. Still haven’t tried them on my Naim gear, but on everything else they’re amazing.

Might try one on the supply to the musicworks block.

He writes all his own material.


I originally started with an SR Blue on the Wireworld 6 Way block a good improvement.

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For me SR and Naim are a PRaT match, more old school olive.

Is this a joke? Sounds absolutely barking mad.


The Fuse thing has been going on for a few years now. Synergistic are the leaders in parting people from their money… Black, Blue, Orange then their cables that are always changing tuning bullets, powered, grounds, ground blocks… I’m not saying their stuff doesn’t sound good but it’s a lot of work just watching where their hands are…

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I have removed a post. Would members please take heed of forum rules. Discussion of non-standard fuses within Electronics is strictly forbidden. Thank you.

I figured this related to Naim gear only. Sorry. What about the other posts then?

And btw, the Sonore power supply comes with the option of upgrading to an SR fuse, so not sure how my putting an SR fuse in it, with the good graces and instructions of the actual designer/assembler of the unit, constitutes it being a non-standard fuse. Oh well…

The other posts refer to plug fuses. Either way, the entire subject of “upgrading” fuses of any kind is subject to heavy moderation, as per forum rules.

I’m confused, what fuse are you talking about. A plug fuse? Aren’t the plugs sealed?

13A UK Plug fuse.

UK 13A plugs have a replaceable fuse. The fuse amp rating can be changed to suit the appliance load.

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Mist admit recently I saw they now sell clothing merchandise and cable holders circa £400 each, but they use HFT which I am very familiar and happy with.

That said I did ditch their ethernet, but that was only because I no longer needed an ethernet for the last leg.