SR Orange is the new Blue (UK Plug Fuses)

Fascinating, I don’t recall seeing these in the NZ plugs. Do they compromise sound quality. Why not use a plug without a fuse?

What standards exactly Richard ?

Martin, the standard equipment fuse as specified by the manufacturer.

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Many do but a 15A round pin, others do much crazier stuff, with SR I’d say it’s the graphene and Tesla coil tunnelling or whatever they call it.

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Nothing to prevent it electrically Mike, but safety will be compromised if its done using the UK 13A standard plug with square (rectangle) pins as the fuse carrier will have to be bridged & then it will be powered off a 32 amp CB loaded circuit…
The 13A fuses are rated at 1, 3, 5, 10 & 13 amps, & some others in between. Naim plugs have 13 amps & all the audio & AV fans I know will only use 13 amps, but the equipment doesn’t draw anything like that.

It is possible to use another plug type e.g. a round pin provided its run on a special (dedicated) circuit & its installed & approved according to electrical regulations.
I tried it when I installed my dedicated audio circuit, it does nothing for SQ or anything else, so I went back to the 13A standard, a lot easier.


That sort of BS alone would be enough to put me off


After changing the fuses, maybe the changes caused by the other things are magnified… :thinking: Then You would wonder what would it do changing the fuses in the Cisco plug?

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I have one in the Cisco

ROTFLOL :rofl:


I also tried the SR fuses (it’s in the ND555 thread) and felt it was one of those hi-fi effects products. Gave them a few days to settle in and then took them out. They’re rubbish in my opinion. I have the same low opinion of SR as I do of Audioquest and Chord.


So finally on the not so slow Xmas USPS express my final Orange fuse batch arrived, this time one also in the Cisco 2960 plug and two others elsewhere.

I know these need a good 100 to 200hrs to settle, but from cold, detail increase is stellar.

Bass - more unravelling of a solid thud, to actual detail and definition.

Vocals - more clarity and separation of the backing vocalists.

Soundstage - increase and no inky blacks, just air around the vocalist or the drums, just hanging.

Analogue - all in all not smooth but not digital, just emotional.


Did you change the fuse in the cable or in the power socket of the device?
What size and current did you use?
I’m kind of interested what is does in my system.

I understand what you are trying to say but this my be confusing if English isn’t your first language.

Hopefully only in the mains plug.

Putting any fuse other than the Naim specified one inside the IEC inlet is definitely NOT something you want to do; At the very least it will void any warranty, at worst it could make the unit extremely dangerous should a fault condition arise. This is why fuse discussion is heavily moderated here.

Apologies, i didn’t fully understand that.
As there’s no fuse in the powercables where I live, swapping fuses is not an option for me then.
Thank you for the warning.

Cable as per the thread title.

24hrs on (Radio Paradise running on volume 0%), bass, detail and delicacy sums it up.

Like adding a sub, though at the moment it’s gone a bit woolly, hoping another day or so and it will tighten up.

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I think I’ve lost my fuse…

… err… not sure I understand what you are trying to say, yes english is my first language & my various electrical engineering diploma’s are all in english

13A fuses are by definition 13 amp … not 1, 3, 5 or any other amp rating.
The reference to those who are non English first language speakers was for those who could read this and get confused with the terminology used.