SSD Uniti Serve and Flash Player on the web interface

Hi out there,

A few posts already deal with this, but many of the links posted don’t work anymore.

So, how do I work around the problem of accessing the Web interface on my SSD Uniti Serve as Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported? I have tried an emulator extension in Firefox, but does not work - only shows the front page.

I run Mac OS and my n-Serve of course works - but for changing Music Store configuration I must access the web interface unfortunately.

Any ideas on how to work around it?

Could Naim maybe release new web interface?

Wish you a good day!

I saw that posting, but the download link does not give you anything but a message that Flash Player has retired … so still stuck … which is why I posted a request for alternatives …

It looks like ruffle on Mac OS is the most likely still available solution.

Already had a look at MacWorld … same problem, the links are often no longer available and they refer to emulators, tried one that didn’t work … so was looking for some one who actually have a working solution …

Search up IE tab addon for Chrome

Thanks, do you know which compatibility mode would be optimal? I mean which IE version to choose … ?


I tried to install that extension to Chrome, but seems either to also display a blank page (IE 11) or report errors on installing som ActiveX controls (IE 10 and older) … any clue?

No sorry, the guy has a support function?

Flash is obsolete, any interface using it is as well sadly. I find it unlikely naim will re-release it.

I think you should try to run the ie tab on a windows laptop/pc. I think it will work from there.

Unitiserve can be controlled quite nicely with the Flashplayer Projector. Download is no issue at all.
An alternative is the Desktop Client, available on the Naim website.

Thank you, do you have a working link for the Flashplayer Projector download (for Mac) … as I tried to find it already?

The Desktop Client only works on Windows, not Mac as far as I know …

Sorry, this is an apple-free household.

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